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Expand Your Worldview

A Trent University education will open your mind and expand your world in ways you can’t begin to imagine.

For example:

  • Imagine working with native people in Thailand
  • Imagine taking classes in global environmental policy or ecological agriculture with people as interested in those subjects as you are.
  • Imagine digitizing ancient Tunisian texts as part of a paid assistantship.
  • Imagine studying the efficacy of cyber safety workshops in the community.
  • Imagine eating a local, organic lunch with your favorite professor - or even better - growing it.

Experiential, personal, in-depth, challenging. Trent University will prepare you to make a world of difference.


New Programs for 2016

New Programs for 2017*

  • Environmental Health B.A.
  • Legal Studies B.A.
  • Health Studies B.A./B.Sc.
  • Postgraduate Certificate in Entrepreneurship
  • Postgraduate Certificate in Management
  • Masters in Management

*Pending Ministry Approval