School of Business

Ethics & Sustainability

Gain a deep understanding of the organization of business and the pivotal responsibilities corporations of all sizes have to consumers, employees, the economy, and the environment

Business headlines today often include news of companies compromising ethics in favour of the bottom line. With the private sector having a big influence on people’s livelihoods, the world needs business experts who can guide moral decision making. In this important specialization, B.B.A. students gain a foundational knowledge of social and environmental ethics as they relate to business, equipping them with the tools needed to transform the corporate world for the better.

Graduating students who have fulfilled the requirements for a Bachelor of Business Administration degree may apply for a Specialization in Ethics & Sustainability, if they have successfully completed the following 3.5 credits:

  • 1.5 ADMN credits consisting of ADMN 4250H, 4260H, and 4450H
  • 1.0 credit from PHIL 1100H, PHIL 2110H, PHIL 2390H, PHIL 3110H, PHIL 3120H, PHIL-POST 3140H, PHILPOST 3180H, ERST-PHIL 3301H*, ERST-PHIL 3302H* (or 3300Y*), PHIL-COIS 3370H, or PHIL 4310H
  • 1.0 credit from ERST-POST 2100H, ERST-CASTPOST 3120H, ERSC 3160H, ERST 3250H, ERST-PHIL 3301H*, ERST-PHIL 3302H* (or 3300Y*), ERST 4130H (or 3130H), ERST-PHIL 4705H (or 4700Y), ERSC/ERST 4801H, HIST-ERST 3756H, or INDG-ERSC 4730Y

*may only count towards one list


  • With the permission of the specialization coordinator, students may substitute 0.5 credit not on the above lists provided the course has significant content on ethics and/or sustainability.
  • The same course may not simultaneously satisfy the requirements of the Specialization in Ethics & Sustainability and the Emphasis in Applied Ethics. 

Program Coordinator

S. Simola, BSW, BA (McMaster), MA (Queen’s), MBA (Wilfrid Laurier), PhD (Queen’s)

Degrees Offered:

  • B.B.A.


  • Peterborough

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Resume Boosters:

  • Prepare for your CPA designation or springboard into an M.B.A. benefiting from the knowledge and expertise of Trent’s community of business leaders and mentors
  • Complete 100-hours of hands-on professional experience through an internship with business sector companies and organizations
  • Leave your mark at Trent through a fourth-year legacy project or undertake a community-based research project with local businesses
Trent students collaborate on project work

Career Paths:

Career Opportunities

  • Equity Analyst
  • Human Resource Manager
  • Marketer
  • Corporate Compliance Officer
  • Business Ethics Consultant
  • Journalist

Admission Requirements

Ontario Secondary School Requirements:

  • Ontario Secondary School Diploma (OSSD)
  • A minimum of six Grade 12 4U or 4M courses, including program specific prerequisites
  • A minimum 70% overall final average (unless otherwise specified)
  • ENG 4U with a minimum of 60%

Program Requirements:

  • A 4U Math
More Requirements

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