The Centre for the Study of Theory, Culture and Politics

Welcome to the homepage of the Centre for the Study of Theory, Culture and Politics. The Centre encourages research and teaching guided by critical/theoretical orientations that have emerged from contemporary developments in the humanities and social sciences. These orientations test the limits of conventional disciplines and contribute to the study of the complex network of relations that links knowledge, culture and politics.

The Centre was established in 1999-2000 as an intellectual extension of the work undertaken by faculty and students in the M.A. Program in Theory, Culture and Politics. It is concerned with fostering substantive projects of research as well as fundamental reflection on conceptual and methodological issues. Centre faculty represent a wide range of Trent’s programs and departments, including Cultural Studies, Philosophy, Political Studies, Sociology, English Literature, Environmental Studies, Modern Languages, Women’s Studies, and Canadian Studies.

The Centre aims to integrate teaching and research, and to encourage the work of both emerging and established scholars. It promotes scholarly research and interchange through conferences, symposia, and speakers series, as well as through specific research projects and publications. The M.A. Program in Theory, Culture and Politics is an important activity of the Centre and many Centre faculty are actively involved in the M.A. Program as course instructors, thesis supervisors, and members of supervisory committees.


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The following themes are indicative of the patterns of interest in the Centre: 

1. textuality, semiotics and discourse

meanings, signs, texts; hermeneutics and deconstruction; word and image; visual semiotics; discourse analysis, including that of knowledges and disciplines; literary and critical theory 

2. culture, nature and technology (including media)

technology and/as culture; theories of nature; human and post-human; cyberculture; speculative and science fiction; media and communications 

3. gender, body and psyche

gender and sexuality; feminist theory; queer theory; performance; theories of identity, subject and subjectivity, and embodiment; psychoanalytic theory; memory and trauma; aging and death 

4. science as discourse and knowledge

history and philosophy of science; epistemology; knowledge and disciplinary formations; science and/as ethics; science and/as culture; science and/as religion; science fiction 

5. social and political theory

theory and practice; social theory and political action; culture and the political; agency and action; public spheres; theories of community; religion and social ontology; theories of difference

News and Events

International Conference, Athens, Greece – 24-26 April 2015
Gilles Deleuze and Félix Guattari: Refrains of Freedom