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Forensic Science

3 students kneeling on the front porch of an abandoned house analyzing a crime scene

Forensic Science

Forensic Science at Trent - Welcome!

Experience the world of forensics from crime scene to the lab and beyond...

Forensic Science, the interdisciplinary study of science and the law to support  legal investigations. With its outstanding faculty, access to cutting-edge labs and technology, and true-to-life crime scene house, Trent’s Forensic Science program combines theory and practice to give you the confidence and skills to excel in this fascinating field.

The Faculty of Forensic Science at Trent, offers an Honours Bachelor of  Science in Forensic Science (BScFS), Bachelor of Science in Forensic Biology (BScFB), Bachelor of Science in Forensic Chemistry (BScFC), and a Masters of Science in Forensic Science (MScFS) program. The graduate studies program in Forensic Science is the first in Canada set to launch in the Fall of 2018.

As a student of Trent University’s highly-respected forensic program, you’ll benefit from the advantages of smaller class sizes, close connections with faculty and mentors, and a shared commitment to academic rigour that will enrich your mind and inspire you to make a difference. Casework, teamwork, DNA analysis, understanding legal issues related to evidence, are just some of the real-life skills you will develop.

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