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Why Do We Have Colleges At Trent?

Your College will be your home in the larger Trent university community. For some people, their College is a residence for a year or so. For everybody, it is a place to hang out, a way to connect with new friends and mentors, a network that can open doors to learning and opportunity beyond the bounds of the classroom.

Trent’s Colleges offer you a rich and varied intellectual, cultural, social and recreational life. In any year, your college might host special lecture series, a non-credit college citation program, formal and informal meetings with guest artists, writers and thinkers, plus many chances to get to know faculty members (College Fellows).

Your college will offer you leadership development. By getting elected to the student-run college cabinets (or councils), you can work closely with college staff to plan programs and activities.

The Purpose of the Colleges At Trent:

The founders of Trent University were concerned that over time Trent would become too big and students might get lost in the bureaucratic machinery of a large university. In order to prevent this from happening, they borrowed a tradition in community development that first emerged in the Middle Ages in England at places like Oxford and Cambridge.

College Rivalry:

The colleges are rivals, as well, often competing with one another for various intercollegiate bragging rights. For example, in 2009 Otonabee College won the Intercollegiate Spelling Bee, and Champlain College won the prestigious Trent Grail for college participation in intramural sports. All of this college-based activity helps to define your life at the university.

The Key Experience is Membership:

Everyone is a member of a college at Trent.  Some members may  live in the residence part of the college, others might be part-time students or live at home in Peterborough.  No matter what your student status is, you belong to your college.  At your college, you’ll find : a safe haven, a place where you are known and a home away from home.

Here to Help:

Each college has staff that can help you with all manner of questions about your academic success and overall progress in the university. The college team includes the Head of College, the College Assistant, and the Senior Tutor. The residential colleges at Trent also have a Residential Life Co-ordinator, Dons and Living Learning Community Mentors. We are all here to help you along in your journey toward success.