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The Colleges at Trent are local communities that create intellectually and socially meaningful experiences.

Choose a college based on what speaks to your interests, and feel free to switch affiliation if you make a connection in a different college. The point is find a place where you belong and that inspires you.

Regardless of your academic program, you can choose to affiliate with any college - everyone is affiliated somewhere. Residence students are automatically affiliated with the college where they live.

Student Staff Hiring

Are you interested in working on campus? Becoming more invovled in College Life? Supporting students? Working in the College Office might be for you! We have three jobs available now for the 2017-2018 academic year:

College Life Facilitator: The College Life Facilitators are the first point of contact in the College Office for students who are having difficulties, have questions, or seeking support.  Their primary focus is on one-on-one conversations with students, and assisting the professional staff in the college office. College Life Facilitators oversee a portfolio of projects that help to enhance student engagement, participation and awareness of the college. College Life Facilitators work diligently to promote and provide information about Trent’s collegiate model to all students.

College Community Liaison: College Community Liaisons help to create a strong sense of community among students in the college through networking with faculty, staff and student groups in order to promote participation in campus programming. College Community Liaisons play an integral role in actively connecting with their college through the planning, implementation and evaluation of new and existing college events and programs.

College Community Support: The College Community Support is a staff member who works with the College Head to support college initiatives. This role is a member of the college student staff team and provides additional support to all student staff as needed.

Please go to the Student Job Board to review the full job descriptions.

To Apply:

  • To apply for Liaison or Facilitator, please download this APPLICATION FORM and submit the form with your resume and statement of intent to
  • To apply for the College Community Support role, please send your resume and cover letter directly to your College Head.
  • Applicants are strongly encouraged to attend a hiring information session on March 7 at 5:00 pm in LEC 208 or March 13 at 1:30 pm in SC 215 to learn more about the role.

Catharine Parr Traill College

Located near the downtown core, Traill College marks the point at which the university intersects with the Peterborough community. Traill has a particular focus on the humanities and culture, and hosts many cultural events that are open to the broader community.

In addition to being home to several academic departments that serve undergraduates, recent years have placed Traill as the home of Trent's graduate students. Students both undergrad and graduate alike will find themselves in residence and taking classes at Traill’s campus. 

Academic Departments and Graduate Programs: Cultural Studies; English; Media Studies; Modern Languages and Literatures; Public Texts MA; History MA; Theory, Culture and Politics MA; Cultural Studies PhD; School for the Study of Canada.

Services & Academic Offices: Continuing Education, Trent Centre for Community-Based Education, Walkhome Program.

Student Groups: Traill College Cabinet, Trent Graduate Students' Association.

Places to Hangout: Scott House, the London Street lawn, The Trend.


Champlain College

Discovery, adventure, reflection, and engagement (DARE) is the spirt of this college and a tribute to the history that continues to shape our community. These buildings were part of the original design of the Symons Campus at Trent and features the Great Hall, a student pub and a locally sourced organic café. Active living and concern for international perspectives are just two of the many important aspects of our culture.

Academic Departments: Ancient History & Classics, International Development Studies, Political Studies

Services and Academic Offices: Trent International Program, Trent University Faculty Association, Alumni Affairs, the Bookstore, Academic Skills Centre, Career Centre

Student Groups: Champlain College Cabinet, Trent Central Student Association, Trent Students for Literacy, Trent International Student Association, Walkhome, B!KE@TRENT

Living Learning Communities: Active Living Community, Trent Global Living Community

Places to Hangout: Great Hall, Jr. Common Room, Seasoned Spoon, College Lounge, Champlain College Living Learning Commons, The Celie

Gzowski College

"The way we speak together" is the meaning of our building’s name, Enweying, and it captures the animated discussion and deep respect for each other that is at the heart of this college. Through the pursuit of sustainability, the exploration of marketplaces and numbers, and the honouring of Indigenous traditions, we explore the world and the intersection of many different fields of study. While research is embedded in every part of the university, we provide a special home for the process of asking new questions about the world and learning to find the answers.

Academic Departments: Business Administration, Economics, Indigenous Studies, Mathematics, Office of Research

Services and Supports: First People's House of Learning

Student Groups: Gzowski College Cabinet, Trent University Native Association

Living Learning Community: Environmental Sustainability

Places to Hangout: The Atrium, Jake Thomas Room (room 345; afternoons)

Other Important Spaces: Nozhem Performance Space, The Gathering Space (Ernie and Florence Benedict Room), The Tipi

Lady Eaton College

This college has a creative energy, a passion for our local community and a commitment to self-expression. Nestled against a tree-covered drumlin, the building houses student lounges, a dining hall (to be renovated in 2015), a music library and pianos, and is home to spiritual affairs. A love of words, language, social justice and big ideas is part of our tradition.

Academic Departments: Gender & Women's Studies, History, Modern Languages and Literature, Philosophy, Queens-Trent Concurrent Education, Social Work

Services and Academic Offices: Spiritual Affairs, Dean of Arts and Science, Vaisey Music Library, Conference Services

Student Groups: Lady Eaton College Cabinet

Living Learning Communities: Expressions, Leadership & Civic Engagement

Places to Hangout: LEC Cafeteria, Jr. Common Room, The Pit, The Music Room

Otonabee College

In Ojibwe, Otonabee means "river that beats like a heart" which symbolizes the way this college looks to the horizon, and imagines how we can keep up with change in our fast-paced lives while honouring our hearts. Through exploring how people interact with the world, we are curious about human sciences and environmental sciences. Whether it is understanding human rights, caring for people who are sick, or educating the next generation, this is a place where everyone belongs.

Academic Departments: (including DNA & Science Complex) Anthropology, Biology, Computing & Information Systems, Forensic Science, Nursing, Psychology, School of Education, Sociology

Services and Support: Centre for Academic Testing; Office of Human Rights, Equity and Accessibility; Chartwells

Student Groups: Otonabee College Cabinet

Living Learning Community: Nursing

Places to Hangout: The OC Commons, OC Cafeteria