Trent's program in Psychology ensures that students acquire both research skills and a broadly-based background in the basic content of the discipline, combined with the opportunity at upper levels to focus on more specialized topics.

The first-year introductory courses lay the foundation for second-year courses in the major content areas of Psychology (e.g., personality, cognition, learning, social, physiological, developmental, abnormal). Specialized upper-year courses -- on such topics as emotion, gender, intelligence, neuropsychology, life-span and exceptional development, health, education, and human relations, in addition to advanced treatments of the major areas -- build on the foundation laid in the first two years.

In addition to their content courses, all majors in Psychology take one full credit (General degree) or two full credit (Honours degree) courses in research methodology; Honours students may also elect to become involved in faculty research through research practica in their third and fourth years, while an independent research thesis under faculty supervision may form a major part of the fourth-year program.