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Teacher standing at the front of the class with a pointer in front of a projector screen.

Future Students

Teacher standing at the front of the class with a pointer in front of a projector screen.


The ability to teach a wide variety of curriculum and subjects is an important skill for all elementary and intermediate school teachers. If you’re planning on pursuing your B.Ed., this option provides you with a range of education-relevant courses in math, sciences, the arts and more.

FYI: An option is a “mini-minor” – a set of courses in one discipline that can be completed in conjunction with any undergraduate degree program, allowing you to focus on an additional subject of interest.

This Option Is Perfect For Students Who Want To:

  • Pursue a career in elementary or secondary education
  • Explore a wide variety of subjects and gain hands-on experience in workshops
  • Broaden the fields of study beyond their degree and construct their own understanding of a range of curriculum subjects 

Courses & Eligibility

This option is open to all undergraduate students who have successfully completed the outlined course requirements below.

Courses included in the Option in Education (4.0 credits from the following 6.0):

  • CUST 2186H: Workshop: Photography
  • CUST 2511H: Workshop: Drawing
  • CUST 2526H: Workshop: Narrative and Performance
  • CUST 2572H: Workshop: Performance and Protest
  • ERSC-BIOL 2701H: Environmental Education: Biological Issues (Sc)
  • ERSC-BIOL 2702H: Environmental Education: Fostering Stewardship and a Sustainable Future (Sc)
  • MATH 2080Y: Mathematics for Teacher Education (Sc)
  • PHIL 2200H: Philosophy of Education
  • PHYS 2091H: Light and Colour for Future Teachers
  • PHYS 2093H: Electricity and Motion for Future Teachers
  • PHIL 1200H: Critical Thinking


  • Peterborough

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