The Cultural Studies Department at Trent University now extends its groundbreaking approach to the field with its new Ph.D. program, the first free-standing Ph.D. in Cultural Studies program in Canada.  The program provides students with the freedom to pursue their field of interest within a context of interdisciplinary integration.

Program Overview

The innovative design of the program allows you the flexibility to work on three interrelated research projects during your career as a PhD student. The projects are developed in a supportive and intensive intellectual environment. As each project is completed, your original work may be presented at conferences and submitted to scholarly journals. The three completed projects can also be assembled for publication as a book. The unique and flexible design of our four-year program puts the emphasis on research and professional development.

Objectives of the program

When you graduate from the program you will have:

  • critical and comprehensive knowledge of the intellectual traditions in cultural studies;
  • comprehensive knowledge of your own special field, which will prepare you for appointments in Cultural Studies and also in other departments.  Students are currently working in special fields such as Memory Studies (History, Anthropology, Forensic Science), Tourism Studies, Cinema Studies, Religious Studies, Science Fiction, Television and Internet Studies;
  • experience in presenting your work to peers, and preparing it for scholarly journals;
  • demonstrated ability to design and follow through programs of original research;
  • teaching experience in Cultural Studies and cognate areas;

These objectives will be achieved through a combination of core seminars, independent research, teaching and research assistantships, and the completion of a dissertation comprising three scholarly projects deemed publishable by your supervisory committee.

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