Film & Media

Push the limits of Film and Media by creating your own films, radio shows, and social media posts for academic credit.

Break outside the box of mainstream and conventional media to get at the core of how film, radio, television, popular culture, and social media influence culture. Through hands-on workshops in game, radio and podcast creation, and focusing on topics covering everything from Media and War to the History of Radio and TV, this specialization will help Cultural Studies students put your media literacy to the test and prepare you for a variety of dynamic careers.


Students who have fulfilled the requirements for a single- or joint-major degree in Cultural Studies may graduate with a Specialization if they have successfully completed 4.0 CUST credits in the chosen Specialization category. The same course may not simultaneously count toward two or more Specializations.

  • CUST 1535H: Introduction to Media Studies
  • CUST 2035Y/2535H: Media and Society
  • CUST-WMST 2065Y: Sex / Sexuality / Sexual Difference
  • CUST 2186H: Workshop: Photography
  • CUST-WMST 2210H: Gender and Popular Culture
  • CUST 2236H: New Media Literacy
  • CUST 2551H: Popular Culture and Modern Thought: Ideology, Language
  • CUST 2552H: Popular Culture and Modern Thought: Gender, Globalization, and the Virtual
  • CUST 2581H: Introduction to Film I: What Is Cinema?
  • CUST 2582H: Introduction to Film II: Film Movements, Film History
  • CUST-CAST 3031H: Television in Canada
  • CUST 3087Y: Community-Based Research Project
  • CUST 3111Y: Workshop: Visual Arts Studio
  • ​CUST 3133H: Workshop: Game Design
  • CUST 3139H: Workshop: Radio and Podcast
  • CUST 3184H: Workshop: Documentary Film
  • CUST 3186H: Workshop: Experimental Film
  • CUST-POST 3465H: Politics and Film
  • CUST-POST 3475H: Media of Politics
  • CUST 3515H: Modernism and the Avant-Garde
  • CUST 3531H: Mass Media and War
  • CUST-IDST 3532H/3032Y: Issues in Global Media
  • CUST 3533H: Game Studies
  • CUST 3535H: Television Studies
  • CUST 3538H: Radio Studies
  • CUST 3545H: Music and Media – An Archaeology
  • CUST 3580H/3080Y: Text and Image
  • CUST 3581H: World Cinema I: Experiment and Innovation
  • CUST 3582H: World Cinema II: Images of Globalization
  • CUST-ANTH 3748H: Anthropology of Animation
  • CUST 3900Y/3901H/3902H: Reading Course
  • CUST 4010Y/4020D: Honours Thesis
  • CUST 4035Y: Contemporary Topics in Media Studies
  • CUST 4041Y/4541H: Internship in Media and Cultural Studies
  • CUST-HIST 4090Y: American Visual Culture
  • CUST-FREN 4302H: Francophone Cinema
  • CUST 4523: Shapeshifters: Narrative Adaptations across Media
  • CUST-POST 4538H: Media Ecologies
  • CUST 4565H: Psychoanalysis and Cultural Studies
  • CUST 4580H/4080Y: Text and Image
  • CUST 4586H: Cinema in the Digital Age
  • CUST 4900Y/4901H/4902H: Reading Course

Degrees Offered:

  • B.A.
  • B.A. (Honours)


  • Peterborough

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Resume Boosters:

  • Put your media literacy to the test with hands-on workshops in game creation as well as podcast and radio broadcasting
  • Use Super-8 and 16mm film to create your own experimental films
Trent students collaborate on project work

Career Paths:

Career Opportunities

  • TV and Radio Producer
  • Advertising and Marketing Executive
  • Author
  • Web Content Manager
  • Events Planner
  • Game Creator
  • Videographer
  • Communications Specialist
  • Journalist
  • Cultural Critic

Admission Requirements

Ontario Secondary School Requirements:

  • Ontario Secondary School Diploma (OSSD)
  • A minimum of six Grade 12 4U or 4M courses, including program specific prerequisites
  • A minimum 70% overall final average (unless otherwise specified)
  • ENG 4U with a minimum of 60%
More Requirements

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