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Academic Calendar 2017-18

Undergraduate & Graduate Programs 

The 54th Academic Year




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Update Summary for Undergraduate Academic Calendar 2017-18

30 August 2017



Board of Governors

Updated to reflect Board members as of July 14, 2017.

Academic Staff 

Listings have been updated on the academic program pages and in the directory (p. 329).


General University Courses

WRIT 2003H – New course

Ancient Greek & Roman Studies

AHCL 3101H – Prerequisite updated

AHCL 3120H – Prerequisite updated

AHCL 3320H – Prerequisite updated



BIOL 4210H – New course

BIOL 3640H – Prerequisite updated

BIOL 1550H - No longer cross-listed with Chemistry

Specialization in Health Sciences – Program requirements updated

Child & Youth Studies

Bachelor of Arts – Program requirements updated

CHYS 3006H – New Course

CHYS 4001H – New Course

CHYS 3001H – Prerequisite updated


Computing & Information Systems

Bachelor of Arts – Program requirements updated

Ecological Restoration

Trent University Required Courses – Program requirements updated


Bachelor of Arts / Science – Program requirements updated

English Literature

ENGL 2851 – Prerequisite updated

ENGL 2853 – Prerequisite updated


Environmental & Resource Science/Studies

ERSC-BIOL 2701H – Change to course category

ERSC-BIOL 2702H – Change to course category


Environmental Geoscience

Bachelor of Science – Program requirements updated

Forensic Science

FRSC 4111 – Prerequisite updated



GEOG-ERST 3390H – New course


Program requirements – Courses added to Categories A, B and C


Program requirements – Notes updated


NURS 2345H – New course only for Kinesiology students

Media Studies

CUST 3139H – Added to program requirements


Bachelor of Science – Program requirements updated

NURS 2031H – New course replaces NURS 2030H

NURS 3031H – New course replaces NURS 3030H


Program Requirements – Notes updated

Bachelor of Arts – Program requirements updated

SOCI-WMST-CAST-POST 3962H – New cross-listed course

SOCI 3220 – Placed on reserve  

SOCI 3300 – Placed on reserve 

SOCI 3471 – Placed on reserve 

SOCI 3820 – Placed on reserve 

SOCI 4310 – Placed on reserve 

SOCI 4350 – Placed on reserve 

SOCI 4451 – Placed on reserve 

SOCI 4610 – Placed on reserve 

Sustainable Agriculture

Bachelor of Science – Program requirements updated



Teacher Education Stream

Bachelor of Education - Program requirements updated

EDUC 1010H – New course

EDUC 1020H – New course

EDUC 2010H – New course

EDUC 2020H – New course

EDUC 3010H – New course

EDUC 4010H – New course

EDUC 4020H – New course

Specialization in Criminology & Socio-Legal Studies

New program offered by Sociology


Trent/Swansea Dual Degree

Bachelor of Arts – Program requirements updated

Emphasis in Teacher Education

Program requirements updated

Emphasis in Theatre Studies

Program classification changed to Option

Emphasis in Northern & Polar Studies

Program discontinued