Security at Trent University
Bata Library in the morning fog


Campus Security joins the entire University Community in welcoming you to Trent University. Our department is dedicated to creating a safe and welcoming environment for students, staff, faculty and visitors that recognizes and is respectful of the diverse nature of the Trent Community.

Whether you are here to live, work or study, we hope that your visit to Trent is a safe and secure one.



The responsibility for security is shared by every member of the Trent community. We will respect requests for confidentiality, however please note that we have an obligation to respond to situations that may threaten the safety of community members.

To support the academic mission of Trent University , Campus Security works in partnership with our community to:

  • protect persons and property by developing programs and providing services that promote safety and security
  • prevent crime, maintain the peace, resolve conflicts and promote good order
  • remain accountable to our community
  • provide referral to support services in both the Trent and Peterborough communities
  • respond to all emergencies and provide assistance to all members of the Trent community
  • ensure compliance by all members of the Trent community with the laws of Canada and Ontario and Trent University policies and regulations


Trent University Campus Security is accountable to our community. We will:

  • respect the dignity, privacy, worth and diversity of all persons
  • treat all individuals fairly, with courtesy and impartiality
  • demonstrate honesty and integrity through our actions and behaviour
  • welcome and encourage community involvement in security, safety and parking issues
  • demonstrate professionalism through our reliability, competence, consistency, teamwork and open communications
  • provide the best service possible in support of Trent University's academic mission
  • not bring discredit to Trent University by our words or actions

In Peterborough, the Campus Security Office is located in Blackburn Hall, which is the first building to the right as you enter Symons Campus. The office phone number is 705-748-1328 and for emergencies the number is 705-748-1333.  Security related queries, requests and reports can also be sent via e-mail to

In Oshawa, Primary Response provides security services to our Thornton Road Campus.  The Security Office is located in the front foyer.  The 24/7 security number is 905-435-5111 and the email address is

We regularly patrol campus buildings, pathways, parking lots, and roads, by foot, bicycle, and automobile. Law enforcement, traffic, physical security, assistance, investigations, and emergency services all require 24 hour attention, 365 days of the year.

Comprehensive emergency procedures are in place which include close liaison with the Peterborough Community Police, Durham Regional Police Service, Fire and Ambulance Departments.

Calls for service are prioritized and response time will vary with the location, nature and urgency of the situation. For example: a fire alarm would take priority over someone being locked out of an office.

Although your safety is our major concern, Campus Security is also responsible for the night lock up of over 30 University buildings. We monitor fire and intrusion alarms, enforce parking regulations, operate the University's lost and found department, and investigate after-hours reports of faulty equipment and determine if mechanical maintenance is required.

In Peterborough, Campus Security also works very closely with the Student First Response Team and with the Walkhome program, which is available to you from September to April. 

A lot of students will be leaving home for the first time and experimenting with their new found freedom. Keep in mind that "common sense" is the best key to your personal safety.