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Human Resources

Picture of the top levels of the student centre

Human Resources

Job Descriptions

OPSEU and Exempt Job Descriptions


Job Code 


A Administrative
C Computing
L Library
SB Services & Buildings
SO Secretarial & Office
SS Scientific Staff
X Exempt


Job Code




A-079 8 Alumni & Development Coordinator Alumni Engagement & Services
A-090 7 Enrolment Advisor Recruitment & Admissions 
A-122 10 Cultural Counsellor First Peoples House of Learning
A-126 8 Scheduling Administrator* Office of the Registrar
A-138 9 Adaptive Technologist Student Accessibility Services
A-139 8 Departmental Coordinator Psychology
A-143 7 Departmental Coordinator Sociology
A-144 7 Nursing Enrolment Advisor Recruitment & Admissions 
A-145 7 Residence Life Coordinator Housing Services 
A-146 7 Education Enrolment Advisor Recruitment & Admissions
A-148 9 Admissions Coordinator Recruitment & Admissions
A-152 8 Campus and Co-curricular Programs Coordinator Student Transitions and Careers
A-155 6 Career Resource Advisor Career Centre
A-158 8 Placement Officer School of Education & Professional Learning
A-163 8 Occupancy Management Coordinator Housing Services


Graduate Records & Registration Officer Graduate Studies
A-175 8 Career Counsellor Career Centre
A-180 9 Sustainability Coordinator Facilities Management
A-181 5 Program Administrative Assistant Trent/Fleming School of Nursing
A-182 9 Placement Coordinator Trent/Fleming School of Nursing
A-196 7 Admissions Officer Recruitment & Admissions
A-199 7 International Admissions Advisor Trent International
A-207 8 Certifications & Regulatory Compliance Officer Office of Research
A-210 9 International Student Advisor Trent International
A-216 8 Coordinator, Student Life Student Affairs, Trent University Durham
A-219 7 Facilities Coordinator Housing Services
A-221 11 Research Project Officer Research Services
A-223 8 Orientation Coordinator Student Affairs
A-226 8 Coordinator, Articulation and Transfer Pathways Trent University Durham
A-228 10 Student Crisis Response Coordinator Student Affairs
A-229 8 Indigenous Student Success Coordinator First Peoples House of Learning
A-230 7 Study Abroad Advisor Trent International
A-231 9 Trent-ESL Instructor, Instructional Technology Coordinator Trent International
A-232 9 Trent-ESL Instructor & Academic Liaison Trent International
A-233 7 Indigenous Enrolment Advisor First Peoples House of Learning
A-234 10 Counsellor/Accessibility Advisor Student Affairs, Trent University Durham
A-235 8 Department & Internship Coordinator School of Business
A-236 8 Academic Coordinator Trent/Fleming School of Nursing
A-237 9 Academic & Career Advisor Student Affairs, Trent University Durham
A-241 10 Therapist Counselling Centre
A-242 9 Academic Advisor Student Affairs
A-243 7 Enrolment Advisor Recruitment & Admissions, Trent University Durham
A-247 5 Admissions Assessor - Nursing Recruitment and Admissions
A-249 7 Marketing Assistant/Graphic Designer Athletics & Recreation
A-255 11 Team Leader Counselling Centre
A-256 10 Team Leader Student Accessibility Services
A-258 9 Academic/Placement Coordinator (Nursing at George Brown) Trent/Fleming School of Nursing
A-260 8 Event Coordinator (Liquor License and Pub Services) Conference & Hospitality Services
A-262 8 Alumni Engagement & Services Coordinator Alumni Engagement & Services
A-264 5 Project and Administrative Assistant Information Technology
A-266 7 Coordinator, Alumni Communications & Digital Initiatives Alumni Engagement & Services 
A-267 8 Advancement Services Officer Advancement Services
A-269 9 Knowledge Mobilization Education Coordinator School of Education & Professional Learning
A-272 10 Academic Skills Team Lead  Academic Skills
A-274 7 Student Retention Programs Coordinator* Student Affairs
A-275 11 Senior Education Developer Centre for Teaching & Learning
A-276 8 Higher Education Teaching Recognition Coordinator Centre for Teaching & Learning
A-278 5 Campus Recreation Coordinator Athletics & Recreation
A-280 8 Coordinator, Employer Relations

Career Centre

A-281 9 Department Coordinator & Placement Officer Biology
A-282 7 Financial Officer Trent/Fleming School of Nursing
A-283 9 Placement Coordinator Forensic Science
A-284 8 Academic Coordinator - Social Work Social Work Program
A-286 9 Cultural Counsellor Trent University Durham
A-287 6 Athlete Development Coordinator Athletics & Recreation
A-288 5 Youth Development Coordinator Athletics & Recreation
A-289 9 Accessibility Advisor/Learning Strategist Student Accessibility Services
A-290 7 Indigenous Mentorship Coordinator First Peoples House of Learning
A-293 9 Career and Academic Strategist Student Affairs
A-294 7 Event Coordinator, Conference Accommodation & Enrichment Program Conference & Hospitality Services
A-295 10 Enrolment Services Coordinator Enrolment Services
A-296 9 Affordability Coordinator Enrolment Services
A-297 7 Affordability Administrator Enrolment Services
A-298 8 Scheduling Administrator Enrolment Services
A-299 7 Enrolment Services Administrator Enrolment Services
A-301 5 Enrolment Services Associate Enrolment Services
A-302 5 Admissions Assessor Admissions
A-305 7 Financial Officer, Education Education
A-306 3 Operations Coordinator Housing Services
A-316 9 Field Education Coordinator Bachelor of Social Work
A-319 5 Aquatics Centre Guest Experience Agent Athletics & Recreation
A-320 5 Sales Centre Guest Experience Agent Athletics & Recreation
A-322 8 Graduate Finance Officer Graduate Studies
A-328 7 Financial Officer Housing Services
A-329 8 Residence Education Coordinator Housing Services
A-330 8 Academic Skills Instructor* The Colleges
A-332 8 Systems & Data Analyst External Relations & Advancement
A-334 9 Coordinator, Sexual Violence Prevention & Peer Support Student Wellness Centre
A-335 5 Project Associate* Enrolment Services
A-337 5 Administrative Assistant, Clinical Learning Centre Trent/Fleming School of Nursing
A-338 4 Digital Marketing Assistant* Communications
A-339 9 Coordinator, Workplace Partnerships* Trent University Durham
A-340 8 Marketing & Events Coordinator Trent University Durham
A-342 4 Employer Relations Assistant* Coop, Careers & Experiential Learning
A-343 10 Mental Health Triage & Crisis Response Counsellor* Student Wellness Centre
A-344 10 Mental Health & Wellness Strategist* Student Wellness Centre
A-345 5 Sport & Aquatics Centre Guest Experience Agent Athletics & Recreation
A-346 10 International Student Wellness Advisor Trent International
A-347 9 Careers and Workforce Analyst

Co-op, Careers and Experiential Learning

A-348 5 Clinical Placement Assistant Trent/Fleming School of Nursing
A-349 9 Coordinator, Trent Community-Based Research Co-op, Careers, and Experiential Learning (CCEL)
A-350 7 International Marketing & Communication Coordinator Trent International
A-351 8 Community and Experiential Educational Coordinator  Trent/Fleming School of Nursing 
A-352 7 Experiential Learning Coordinator Co-op, Careers, and Experiential Learning (CCEL)
A-353 5 Administrative Assistant, Non-Academic Requirements Trent/Fleming School of Nursing
A-354 8 Residence Student Conduct Coordinator Housing Services
A-355 8 Trent-ESL Materials Developer* Trent International
A-356 7 Educational Technologies Support Assistant* Trent Online
A-357 5 Project Associate - Student Planning* Enrolment Services
A-358 6 Trent-Fleming Student Outreach Facilitator* Recruitment & Admissions
A-360 7 ELearning Technologist Centre for Teaching & Learning
A-361 9 Indigenous Pedagogy Designer Centre for Teaching & Learning
A-362 12 Senior ELearning Designer Centre for Teaching & Learning
A-364 6 Enrolment Associate Durham Recruitment & Admissions, Trent University Durham
A-365 5 Community Based Research Project Associate Co-op. Careers & Experiential Learning
A-366 7 Academic Coordinator – Medical Professional Stream Program & Science Fair Assistant Medical Professional Stream Program, Science Fair
A-367 6 Multimedia eLearning Design Specialist Centre for Teaching & Learning
A-368 5 Graduate Records & Registration Assistant School of Graduate Studies
A-369 5 Theatre Coordinator: Nozhem: First Peoples Performance Space Chanie Wenjack School for Indigenous Studies
A-370 7 Graduate Admissions Officer School of Graduate Studies
A-371 5 International Affordability Assistant Trent International
A-372 10 Research Facilitator Research Services
A-373 8 Enrolment Advisor – Events Coordinator Manager, Recruitment
A-374 9 Academic Skills Instructor Colleges
A-375 5 International Student Program Assistant Trent International
A-376 8 Placement Officer Biology Department
A-377 7 International Enrolment Advisor                  Trent International
A-378 5 Administrative & Technology Assistant Co-op, Careers & Experiential Learning
A-379 9 Accessibility Advisor & Exam Centre Coordinator Student Affairs, Trent Durham
C-034 11 Applications System Administrator Information Technology
C-043 12 Senior Network Analyst Information Technology
C-045 10 Digital Marketing Coordinator Marketing & Communications            
C-047 10 Instructional Technologist/LMS Information Technology
C-049 11 Network Systems Specialist Information Technology
C-052 7 Digital Information Officer Marketing & Communications
C-055 9 Enterprise Desktop Specialist Information Technology
C-057 9 Network & Telecommunications Analyst Information Technology
C-060 11 Network & Telephony Systems Specialist Information Technology
C-062 11 Business Systems Analyst Information Technology
C-068 11 Analyst/Programmer, Web Applications Information Technology
C-069 7 Level 1 Service Desk Analyst Information Technology
C-070 11 Network Systems Integration Specialist Information Technology
C-072 11 Reporting Systems Analyst Information Technology
C-073 9 Special Events Technical Coordinator Information Technology
C-074 10 Instructional Technologist/Video Conferencing & Remote Learning Information Technology
C-075 10 Instructional Technologist/Room Controls & Training Information Technology
C-076 11 Analyst/Programmer Information Technology
C-077 10 Web Developer Communications
C-078 13 Senior Analyst/Programmer Information Technology
C-079 13 Information Security Officer Information Technology 
L-012 6 Maps, Data & Digitization Initiatives Assistant Bata Library
L-020 7 Client Support & Interlibrary Loans Associate Client Support & Technical Services
L-036 6 Client Support Associate Client Support & Technical Services
L-041 6 E-Journals, Bindery & ILL Assistant Client Support & Technical Services
L-048 2 Shelver Bata Library
L-056 10 Library Systems Administrator Client Support & Technical Services
L-061 9 Budget Manager Library & Archives
L-070 9 Data Visualization & Statistical Support Specialist - MaDGIC (Library Maps, Data and Government Information Centre) Bata Library
L-071 6 Library Services Associate Client Support & Technical Services
L-072 8 Archives Associate Library & Archives
L-079 8 Media & Cataloguing Coordinator Client Support & Technical Services
L-085 9 GIS Programmer and Developer Library, Maps, Data & Government Information Centre (MaDGIC)
L-086 3 Circulation Services Support Durham Campus Library
L-088 5 Technical Services Associate (Serials, ILL/Financial & MRR) Library Technical Services
L-090 6 Client Support/Copyright Associate Durham Campus Libary & Learning Centre
SB-001 5 Library Facilities and Collections Coordinator Bata Library
SB-020 5 Logistics Coordinator Financial Services
SB-021 2 Campus Delivery Agent Financial Services
SB-033 6 Landscape Technician Physical Resources
SB-037 7 Locksmith Facilities Management
SB-050 8 Grounds Coordinator Physical Resources
SB-060 10 Electrical and Mechanical Technician Facilities Management
SB-063 6 General Maintenance Worker Physical Resources
SB-066 2 Caretaker Facilities Management
SB-074 7 Coordinator of Facility and Pool Operations Athletics & Recreation
SB-078 9 Preventative Maintenance Team Leader Physical Resources
SB-079 6 Preventative Maintenance Assistant Physical Resources
SB-081 8 Fire Systems & Building Safety Coordinator Facilities Management
SB-085 3 Print & Logistics Clerk Print Shop
SB-086 6 Assistant Pool Operator Athletics & Recreation
SO-006 5 Student Accounts Associate Financial Services
SO-009 6 Print Coordinator Financial Services
SO-015 5 Academic Administrative Assistant History
SO-022 5 Academic Administrative Assistant Biology
SO-031 6 College Assistant Traill College
SO-048 5 Academic Administrative Assistant Computer Studies
SO-098 6 Administrative Assistant Trent International
SO-116 5 Medical Office Secretary Student Wellness Centre
SO-120 5 Academic Administrative Assistant Anthropology
SO-122 5 Academic Administrative Assistant Psychology
SO-125 10 Program Coordinator, Watershed Ecosystems Graduate Program Environmental & Life Sciences Graduate Program
SO-133 7

Architectural Technologist

Facilities Management
SO-154 5 Academic Administrative Assistant English Literature
SO-160 5 Administrative Assistant Physical Resources
SO-185 5 Administrative Assistant Conference & Hospitality Services
SO-191 9 Purchasing Officer Finance
SO-193 5 Purchasing & Finance Assistant Purchasing
SO-196 5 Academic Administrative Assistant Chemistry
SO-197 5 Academic Administrative Assistant Sociology
SO-207 6 Donations & Research Associate Advancement Services
SO-209 5 Administrative Assistant Counselling Centre
SO-216 5 Academic Administrative Assistant Canadian Studies
SO-231 6 Electronic Data Processing & Account Reconciliation Coordinator Financial Services
SO-232 6 Accounts Payable Advisor Financial Services
SO-253 5 Administrative Assistant Indigenous Studies
SO-256 7 Financial Officer First Peoples House of Learning & Indigenous Studies
SO-265 6 Administrative Assistant & Research Centre Coordinator Frost Centre
SO-268 6 Student Accounts Advisor Financial Services
SO-273 6 Academic Administrative Assistant Anthropology and Forensic Science Graduate Programs
SO-275 5 Program Administrative Assistant School of Education & Professional Learning
SO-279 5 Accounts Payable/Financial Services Clerk Financial Services
SO-287 7 Transfer Credit Coordinator Recruitment & Admissions
SO-290 5 Academic Administrative Assistant Forensic Science
SO-304 7 Coordinator Centre for Academic Testing
SO-305 5 Office Administrative Assistant Trent/Fleming School of Nursing
SO-310 6 Restricted Funds Clerk Financial Services
SO-319 3 Print Shop Operations Assistant Financial Services
SO-335 5 Work Order Dispatcher Physical Resources
SO-339 4 Office Administrative Assistant School of Education & Professional Learning
SO-352 4 Print Shop Assistant Financial Services
SO-357 3 Administrative Secretary Environmental & Life Sciences Graduate Program
SO-360 6 Accounting Operations Clerk Financial Services
SO-371 5 Administrative & Recruitment Assistant* Graduate Studies
SO-378 6 Academic Administrative Assistant Indigenous Studies
SO-380 2 Program Assistant Centre for Academic Testing
SO-381 4 Finance & Facility Booking Agent Athletics & Recreation
SO-386 3 Clerk, Graduate Studies School of Graduate Studies
SO-388 5 Administrative Assistant Student Accessibility Services
SO-389 5 College Assistant Colleges
SO-390 6 Academic Administrative Assistant Law & Arts, Arts & Science & Journalism
SO-391 5 Administrative Coordinator Centre for Teaching and Learning
SO-393 5 Academic Administrative Assistant* Masters in Educational Studies Graduate Program
SO-394 6 Academic Programs and Operations Administrator Trent University Durham
SO-396 5 Academic Administrative Assistant Social Work Program
SO-398 2 Program Assistant, Durham Campus Exam Centre Trent University Durham
SO-399 4 Operations Assistant, Trent-ESL Trent International
SO-402 6 Academic Administrative Assistant Gender and Women’s Studies/Philosophy
SO-403 6 Academic Administrative Assistant Economics/Business Administration
SO-404 6 Academic Administrative Assistant International Development Studies/Political Studies
SO-405 6 Academic Administrative Assistant Trent School of the Environment
SO-406 6 Academic Administrative Assistant Cultural Studies, English Literature, History, and Theory, Culture and Politics Graduate Programs
SO-407 6 Academic Administrative Assistant

Cultural Studies/French & Francophone Studies

SO-408 4 Administrative Assistant Trent School of the Environment
SO-409 5 Financial Services Clerk - Support* Financial Services
SO-411 6 Academic Administrative Assistant Child & Youth Studies, Communications & Critical Thinking 
SO-412 6 Academic Administrative Assistant

Physics Astronomy/Math

SO-414 6 Academic Administrative Assistant Applied Modelling & Quantitative Methods and Psychology Graduate Programs
SO-415 6 Academic Administrative Assistant Materials Science and Sustainability Studies Graduate Programs
SO-416 5 Student Accounts Assistant*

Financial Services

SO-418 4 INFOdesk Administrative Assistant

Trent University Durham

SO-422 6 Financial Services Analyst Assistant Financial Services
SS-007 7 Demonstrator Chemistry
SS-027 10 Senior Demonstrator Physics & Astronomy
SS-030 7 Demonstrator Physics
SS-036 9 Demonstrator/Technician Trent School of the Environment
SS-037 4 Animal Care Technician Science
SS-038 8 Science Store Manager/Chemistry Technician Chemistry
SS-046 9 Electronics Technician Science
SS-048 2 Animal Care Assistant Science
SS-049 8 Chemical & Instrumentation Technician Chemistry
SS-051 11 Science Facilities Manager Science
SS-053 9 Demonstrator/Technician Trent School of the Environment
SS-055 7 Chemical Technician Chemistry
SS-059 8 Demonstrator/Technician Computer Science/Studies
SS-061 7 Teaching Assistant School of Business
SS-063 9 Machine Shop Technician, Science Workshops Science
SS-064 8 Demonstrator School of Education & Professional Learning
SS-065 8 Demonstrator Forensic Science
SS-066 8 Science Facilities Assistant Science
SS-069 10 Curator and Demonstrator/Technician Anthropology
SS-071 10 Clinical Learning Centre Senior Demonstrator Trent/Fleming School of Nursing
SS-073 8 Demonstrator/Technician Biology
SS-074 8 Demonstrator Psychology
SS-075 8 Clinical Learning Centre Demonstrator Trent/Fleming School of Nursing
SS-076 7 Farm Operations Coordinator Trent School of the Environment
SS-077 8 Demonstrator/Technician Trent School of the Environment
SS-078 7 Demonstrator Biology
SS-079 8 Demonstrator Forensic Science
X-016 4S Security Guard Risk Management
X-020 5 Manager, Administration & Communications Library & Archives
X-028 2 Payroll Clerk Human Resources
X-043 3 Administrative Secretary Office of the Dean of Arts & Science (Humanities, Social Science, Sciences)
X-111 5 Executive Assistant, External Relations & Advancement External Relations & Advancement
X-122 3 Parking & Access Control Administrator Risk Management
X-137 5 Communications Officer Marketing & Communications
X-139 5 Supervisor, Caretaking Services Facilities Management
X-147 3 Executive Assistant, Office of the President* Office of the President
X-154 4 Group Benefits Administrator Human Resources
X-163 4 Administrative Assistant Risk Management
X-176 2 Parking Services Representative Risk Management
X-190 4 Administrative Assistant Office of the Provost & Vice President Academic
X-204 5 Parking Services Supervisor Risk Management
X-227 5 Executive Assistant Office of the Vice President, Administration
X-244 4 Human Resources and Labour Relations Advisor Human Resources
X-253 3 Administrative Assistant Office of the Dean of Arts and Science (Humanities, Social Science, Science)
X-264 5 Manager, TrentU Card Program Card Office
X-266 3

Payroll & Benefits Assistant 

Human Resources
X-275 3 Administrative Assistant* Office of the Provost & Vice President, Academic
X-278 4 Senior Payroll Clerk Human Resources
X-280 5 Recruitment and Compensation Advisor Human Resources
X-296 5 Accessibility Advisor Office of Human Rights, Equity and Accessibility
X-297 4 Special Projects Coordinator Office of Human Rights, Equity and Accessibility
X-301 4 Administrator Office of Student Affairs
X-306 5 Manager, Office of the Dean of the Trent/Fleming School of Nursing Trent/Fleming School of Nursing
X-318 5 Manager, Sales & Sponsorships Athletics & Recreation
X-322 2S Security Guard (Bata Library) Risk Management
X-329 5 Development Communications Officer* Development
X-332 5 Manager, Sport Development Athletics & Recreation
X-334 5 Restricted Funds Accountant Financial Services
X-335 5 Financial Services Analyst Financial Services
X-338 4 Marketing & Communications Associate* Marketing & Communications
X-341 3 Administrative Assistant, University Secretariat University Secretariat
X-348 5 Labour Relations and Job Evaluation Advisor Human Resources
X-349 4 Starbucks Manager Starbucks
X-350 3 Assistant Starbucks Manager Starbucks


2 Parking Services & Card Office Assistant Risk Management
X-369 4 Recruitment and Job Evaluation Assistant* Human Resources
X-370 4 Campus Security Lead Hand  Risk Management, Durham Campus  
X-014 6 Manager, Payroll & HRIS Human Resources
X-023 7 Manager, Budgeting Services Financial Services
X-025 8 Manager, Purchasing Services Financial Services
X-026 9 Senior Manager, Accounting Services Financial Services
X-032 7 Director, Conference & Hospitality Services Conference & Hospitality Services
X-057 8 Manager, Office of the Dean of Arts & Science Office of the Dean of Arts & Science (Humanities, Social Science, Sciences)
X-065 9 Director, Alumni Engagement & Service Alumni Engagement & Services
X-107 6 Environmental Health & Safety Officer Risk Management
X-132 8 Project Manager Physical Resources
X-134 8 Manager, Mechanical & Electrical Services Facilities Management
X-149 8 Senior Manager, Client Support Information Technology
X-151 8 Manager, Administration Physical Resources
X-161 7 Security Manager Risk Management
X-175 6 Associate University Secretary University Secretariat
X-182 6 Manager, Accounting Operations Financial Services
X-187 8 Manager, Information Systems Information Technology
X-188 7 Trent-ESL Program Manager Trent International
X-197 8 Manager, Digital Service Delivery Information Technology
X-202 7 Senior Development Officer External Relations & Advancement
X-203 7 Manager, Corporate Research Partnerships External Relations & Advancement
X-214 6 Manager, Convocation & Alumni Relations Alumni Engagement & Services
X-215 8 Director, Housing Services Housing Services
X-216 8 Manager, Environmental Services Physical Resources
X-226 7 Information Manager, Reporting Systems & Analytics Institutional Research & Strategic Planning
X-230 7 Manager, Systems & Projects Enrolment Services
X-231 7 Assistant Director, Customer Engagement & Operations Athletics & Recreation
X-242 6 Manager, Student Affairs Trent University Durham
X-243 10 Director, Recruitment & Admissions Recruitment & Admissions
X-246 8 Director, Office of Human Rights, Equity and Accessibility Office of Human Rights, Equity and Accessibility
X-249 7 Director, First Peoples House of Learning First Peoples House of Learning
X-250 7 Manager, Admissions Recruitment & Admissions
X-252 6 Manager, Office of the Provost & VP, Academic Office of the Provost & VP, Academic
X-254 7 Manager, Print, Retail and Logistic Services Print & Post
X-256 10 Director, Student Wellness Centre Student Affairs
X-257 7 Team Leader, (RN) Student Health Services
X-258 6 Manager, Animal Care Animal Care
X-260 8 Director, Institutional Research Institutional Planning and Analysis
X-261 8 Director, Colleges Colleges
X-262 7 Manager, Student Recruitment Recruitment & Admissions
X-265 9 Director, Office of Research Services Office of Research Services
X-267 8 Manager, Facilities Maintenance Facilities Management
X-268 7 Manager Library Services Bata Library
X-269 7 Clinical Simulation Centre Coordinator Trent/Fleming School of Nursing
X-273 6 Manager, Community Relations & University Events External Relations & Advancement
X-274 6 Manager, School of Graduate Studies School of Graduate Studies
X-283 7 Manager, Restricted Funds Accounting Financial Services
X-287 8 Practicum Manager School of Education & Professional Learning
X-289 6 Communications & Media Relations Officer Marketing & Communications
X-291 7 Information Manager, Enrolment Planning & Strategic Analysis Institutional Research & Strategic Planning
X-294 7 Manager, Operations & Client Services Enrolment Services
X-295 7 Director, Advancement Services External Relations & Advancement
X-298 6 Registered Nurse Student Health Services
X-299 6 Stewardship Manager, Donor & Volunteer Relations Development Office, External Relations & Advancement
X-300 10 Director, Philanthropy Development Office, External Relations & Advancement
X-303 8 Manager, Digital Marketing Marketing & Communications
X-304 6 Manager, Community Relations & Articulation Trent University Durham
X-305 7 Director Academic Programs & Campus Operations Trent University Durham
X-307 8 Director, Food Services Student Affairs
X-312 8 Manager, Communications Marketing & Communications
X-320 8 Manager, Additional Qualifications (AQ) and Special Projects School of Education & Professional Learning
X-323 6 Governance and Access/Privacy Officer University Secretariat
X-326 6 Manager, Residence Life & Education Housing Services
X-330 6 Budget & Reporting Analyst Financial Services
X-337 6 Manager, Operations Housing Services
X-339 5 Innovations Administrative Coordinator Research Office
X-342 6 Development Officer, Annual Giving Alumni Engagement & Services
X-344 6 Clinical Learning Facilitator Trent/Fleming School of Nursing
X-345 8 Director, Pension, Benefits and Payroll Human Resources
X-346 8 Manager, Human Resources and Labour Relations Human Resources
X-353 6 Manager, Durham Campus Library & Learning Centre Durham Campus Library & Learning Centre
X-354 9 Director, Co-op, Careers & Experiential Learning Co-op, Careers & Experiential Learning
X-355 7 Manager, Careers & Experiential Learning Co-op, Careers & Experiential Learning
X-356 8 Manager, Reporting Services Financial Services
X-358 5 International Educated Nurse (IEN) Program Manager Trent/Fleming School of Nursing
X-361 3 Walkhome Coordinator Risk Management
X-362 6 Regional International Recruitment Manager  Trent International
X-363 7 Senior Development Officer External Relations & Advancement
X-364 8 Director, International Trent International
X-365 8 Principal, College Colleges


7 Senior Development Officer, Science External Relations & Advancement and Dean of Arts & Science (Science)
X-011 12 Associate Vice President, Facilities Management Facilities Management           
X-045 10 Director, Risk Management Risk Management
X-060 10 University Registrar Office of the Registrar
X-074 12 Associate Vice President, Finance Financial Services
X-078 10 Director, Athletics & Recreation Athletics & Recreation
X-136 12 Associate Vice President, Students Student Affairs
X-138 12 Associate Vice President, Information Technology Information Technology
X-183 12 Associate Vice President, Human Resources Human Resources
X-311 12 AVP, Communications & Recruitment Marketing & Communications, Recruitment & Admissions
X-336 TBD AVP International Trent International

* Indicates a contract position