Welcome to Trent University!

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Congratulations on receiving your offer of admission. Just a few more steps to follow to make it official! Check out the list of steps below.

Once your acceptance to Trent is official, you can immerse yourself in our outstanding community of scholars, dedicated to collaboration and interaction among students, professors, and across disciplines. As a student you will expand your thinking, gain valuable skills, create lifelong friendships, and open the door to a world of possibility and the career of your dreams. 

If you have received an Offer of Admission from Trent University, it will appear on your OUAC and myTrent accounts. You will also receive an Offer package in the mail.

Are you an international student? Find out your next steps for accepting your offer to Trent

Next Steps

Number One
Accept your offer

Please review the details and conditions of your Offer of Admissions and accept your offer to Trent. If you applied to Trent through the OUAC please accept your offer on OUAC.  If you applied directly to Trent, please accept your offer by emailing admissions@trentu.ca and indicating that you wish to accept your offer and the program that you wish to accept. 

Download this PDF for instructions on how to accept your Offer of Admission on your OUAC account.

Number Two
Sign On to MyTrent

If you haven’t already done so, please create your MyTrent portal account.  You will need your personal email address and the Identification Number found in your offer email or letter in order to activate your account. There, you can access your records, track your status, and retrieve your Trent email when it is available. Sign up and sign on at  www.trentu.ca/mytrent.

Number Three
Know Your Deadlines

There are a few important dates and deadlines for you to be aware of, including tuition fees and deposits, scholarship and bursary deadlines, events, and more: trentu.ca/applicants/deadlines.php.

You will also be reminded of these dates on our Twitter page @TrentUniversity and on our DiscoverTrentU, Facebook page.

Number Four
Explore Your Program

Discover your program options and the courses that interest you. Find out about your degree choices and course offerings at trentu.ca/calendar and click “Undergraduate Academic Calendar” or contact us by phone or email to arrange to speak directly with a faculty member from your area of interest.

Number Five
Visit Trent

The best way for you to know if Trent is the right fit for you is to visit the campus. Book a campus tour or come to our open house events to explore the campus, and experience Trent inside and out.

Our open house events take place several times a year: early November, mid-March and early May. Details are available on the Visit Trent webpage.

Can't make it to an open house event? No problem. We offer campus tours six days a week at both campuses. You can book a tour online.

Number Six
Connect With Us

You are now #trentubound - it’s time to connect to the Trent community. Follow us on our social media pages where you can ask questions, meet others, and receive information about Trent, upcoming dates, deadlines, events, and your next steps.

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Please contact us at admissions@trentu.ca with any questions about your offer or about Trent’s admissions process.

B.Ed. applicants: educationadmissions@trentu.ca

Nursing applicants: nursing@trentu.ca