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Human Resources

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Human Resources

Job Evaluation Contacts

Joint Job Evaluation Committee (JJEC) Members

Please forward all Job Evaluation requests to the Department of Human Resources attention:

Linda Pinto
Human Resources and Labour Relations Advisor
ext. 7393


OPSEU Positions

If you are an OPSEU, Local 365 member and require additional information, you may also choose to contact any one of the following Joint Job Evaluation Committee members for assistance:

(As per article 17.4)

Elected Representative Contact Information Start Date End Date
Deb Earle deborahearle@trentu.ca October 2016 October 2018

Cynthia Budgell

cynthiabudgell@trentu.ca October 2017 October 2019
Erin Davidson eldavidson@trentu.ca October 2015 October 2019
Lynn Martin lynnmartin@trentu.ca February 2008  TBD
Paul Armstrong paularmstrong@trentu.ca October 2016 TBD

The Committee meets monthly to review reclassification requests. In order to avoid lengthy delays in job posting, a sub-committee has been formed to evaluate new or substantively-altered OPSEU positions prior to posting.


Exempt Positions

Reclassification and new position requests are reviewed by the Human Resources Department and/or the Exempt Job Evaluation Committee. It's current composition is as follows:

Elected Representative

Job Title

Ashley Horne

Innovations Administrative Coordinator
Research Office

Lynn Martin

Manager, Accounting Operations
Financial Services

Christopher Rooney

Manager, Operations & Client Services
Office of the Registrar