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Frequently Asked Questions: Payroll

Timesheet specific

Pay Stubs


If I have more than one job, do I get separate time sheets?

No, you will use the same timesheet for all positions.  Be sure to include the account # and pay rate for each position.

How do I complete a time sheet?

Write down the number of hours worked for each day of the pay period.  Be sure to include the pay rate for each position.

What do I do if I have more than one position?

You will use the same timesheet for all positions.  Be sure to include the account # and pay rate for each position.

Who has to sign the time sheet?

Each employee needs to sign their own timesheet as well as their supervisor.  If a timesheet is missing either signature, it will not be processed.

What happens if the timesheet is late?

If a timesheet is submitted late, it will be processed with the next scheduled pay period.

What do I do if I have lost my timesheet?

If you lose your timesheet you must have your supervisor request a replacement in writing to the payroll office.

Where do I take my time sheet after it is completed?

Completed timesheets should be delivered to the payroll office, Suite 123 Blackburn Hall.

Can I use a photocopy of my timesheet?

No. Only original timesheets will be accepted.

Where do I get new timesheets?

Every time you submit a timesheet for processing a new timesheet (along with a pay stub) will be sent to you on pay day.  It will be sent to the location you specified on your hiring form.

When is the deadline for submitting a timesheet?

Timesheets must be received no later than 12 noon on the Monday preceding payday.  No exceptions.  Timesheets received after the deadline will be processed with the next pay period.

Why has my pay decreased from December to January?

The most common reason for this is CPP & EI deductions.  Any employee who reaches the maximum contribution deduction in a calendar year will have their deductions stopped.  Since January is the start of a new calendar year CPP & EI deductions will resume.

How do I check on my current deductions/benefits contributions?

Each pay day you will be sent a pay stub which will show your earnings, deductions and any benefits that you may be entitled to.

We cannot duplicate the actual paystub, but we can print a report for you that will provide the same information contained on the stub.

When will I get my T4?

The University has until March 1st to distribute all T4 slips.  T4 slips will be sent to your work location.  If you no longer work for the University your T4 slip will be mailed.  Please ensure that the payroll office has your  current mailing address for up to 14 months following your departure from the University.

What are the statutory holidays for this year?

List of statutory holidays.

How do I change my personal banking information?

Instructions to change personal banking information.

How do I hire a student?

SERF form.

How do I get information on Canada Savings Bonds?

You can also go to csb.gc.ca/employees and select Buy or Change my Payroll Savings Plan.  Our organization ID is 12170.  It’s that easy.

How do I request a Record of Employment?

Please email payroll with your request.

I’ve moved – who do I notify?

Address/Name change instructions.