Student Experience

At Trent Durham, academics are just the beginning of your university experience.  As an inclusive and student-centred University, Trent encourages all students to engage in shaping your own learning. Here you will be given the opportunity and encouraged to get involved and make the most of your time at Trent University Durham.

New Student Experience Certificate

Start your university career on the right track through a proven interactive and exciting program that provides you with the opportunity to strengthen your skills and increase your academic success. Find out how to sign up for the New Student Experience Certificate.

Meet like-minded people, make a difference, and have fun by joining one of our clubs or societies.  Can’t find one that matches your interests? Create your own club

Leadership Program

Trent University Durham offers a unique certificate program that prepares you for leadership roles within your community and beyond. You are able to tailor the program to meet your specific goals.

Intramurals and Athletics

Get active and participate in our weekly field or court sports programs. Enjoy the perks of your athletic membership at any of the city of Oshawa’s athletic facilities.

Your extra-curricular experiences will complement and strengthen the skills you gain in the classroom and will help you make a positive impact at Trent U Durham and beyond.