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Two students conducting an experiment in a lab

Faculty of Arts & Science


Ask Big Questions. Explore all the Answers at Trent.

Science has taken us further than we ever dreamed possible. Yet, there are still questions that remain unanswered. When you study science at Trent, you’ll secure the skills and training you need to tackle the global challenges that confront us in the 21st century. Reduce the impacts of climate change, develop life-saving drugs, solve crimes, explore new frontiers in space – all of this is achievable with a foundation in scientific knowledge.

Science Degree Programs: Choose Your Own STEM Adventure

Pursue your passion and explore what interests you. Choose to major in one area of expertise, or take advantage of Trent’s flexible joint degrees, combining a Science program with a degree in Humanities or Social Sciences.

Undergraduate Programs

Biochemistry & Molecular Biology


Biomedical Science

Chemical Engineering Dual Degree

Chemical Physics


Computing Systems

Computing Systems & Physics

Conservation Biology

Ecological Restoration

Environmental & Resource Science/Studies

Environmental Chemistry

Environmental Geoscience

Environmental Science/Studies

Forensic Biology

Forensic Chemistry

Forensic Science



Mathematical Economics

Mathematical Physics


Medical Professional Stream



Sustainable Agriculture & Food Systems

Water Sciences

Graduate Programs

Applied Modelling and Quantitative Methods M.Sc.  

Big Data Analytics M.Sc.

Bioenvironmental Monitoring & Assessment M.BEMA

Environmental and Life Sciences M.Sc.

Environmental & Life Sciences Ph.D.

Financial Analytics M.Sc.

Forensic Science M.Sc.FS.

Instrumental Chemical Analysis M.ICA

Materials Science PhD., M.Sc.

Psychology M.Sc.

Trent Queen's Ph.D., M.Sc.




Popular Science Courses

Astrobiology: Life in Universe

Global Change of Aquatic Ecosystems

Biocrime & Bioterrorism

Molecules of Murder

Data Mining

Computer Crime & Forensics

Drugs and Behaviour

Psychology of Gender


Geography of the Polar Regions

Ecological Agriculture

Canadian Renewable Resource Economics

World-Class Facilities at Your Fingertips

Test your hypotheses at one of Trent’s state-of-the-art facilities. Here’s just a few of the places you can use to take your research to the next level:

Natural Resources DNA Profiling & Forensic Centre
In partnership with the Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources

Learn more

Water Quality Centre
The most comprehensive mass spectrometry facility in Canada

Learn more

Trent Environmental Wind Tunnel
One of only a few facilities of its kind worldwide

Learn more

Expand Your Skills

  • Advance your ability to design, conduct and interpret scientific research.
  • Enhance your communication skills through writing and conference-style presentations.
  • Develop critical-thinking, problem-solving, and advanced organizational skills.

Make A Difference

Why wait until graduate school to make your mark? Participate in a community-based research project working directly with local museums, not-for-profits and arts organizations.

Check Out Trent’s Current Community-Based Research Projects.

Get Career Boosting Experience

  • Apply for multiple internship or work placement opportunities with organizations such as the RCMP, Parks Canada, local hospitals, Health Canada, and more.
  • Travel the world performing field work or participate in a study abroad program.
  • Gain practical experience through camps, field courses and community-based research projects.
  • Make an impact in the community through a capstone research project.

Did You Know?

100% of Physical Sciences students find employment in their field within 6 months of earning their degree.

Source: MAESD and Institutions

Where can Science at Trent take you?

Check out these successful alumni!

Mubrouka Elharram

CEO of goat genetics company, GoatGEN
(B.Sci. in Biology ‘07)


Stephen Petersen

Head of Conservation & Research, Assiniboine Park Zoo
(Ph.D., Environmental & Life Sciences ‘08)

Maryam Monsef

Canada’s Minister of Status of Women
(B.Sci. in Psychology ‘03)


“Getting the opportunity to work within Trent’s School of the Environment has been an indescribable experience. It’s given me confidence in what I’ve been learning because I’ve had real-life hands-on experience.”

— Edward Kellaway, Environmental Chemistry student