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Sustainable Agriculture & Food Systems

A professor kneeling in the summer sun in the rooftop garden talking to 3 students as they gather the vegetation
School of the Environment

Sustainable Agriculture & Food Systems

Sustainable Agriculture and Food Systems

Sustainable agriculture is about creating a food system that is responsible, justice-oriented, efficient, effective, and viable. It’s about farms that can produce food sustainably, as well as humane working conditions, ethical treatment of animals, living wages, fair prices, profitable business models, conservation of biodiversity, resource stewardship, healthy diets and food sovereignty in Indigenous communities.

At Trent you can develop your own understanding of sustainable agriculture and food.  Our Sustainable Agriculture and Food Systems Program examines each of the links between farm and table, and their implications for people, the economy, and the planet. You will learn about the challenges and benefits of producing and distributing healthy, affordable food in sustainable ways, while preparing for a career in which you can really effect change.

About Sustainable Agriculture at Trent

Sustainable Agriculture and Food Systems is a new program at Trent, but it builds on our university's long-standing strengths. These include:

  • extensive on-campus farm fields and rooftop gardens
  • a wide range of courses related to food and/or agriculture
  • multidisciplinary and collaborative teaching, offered by several departments including Anthropology, Biology, Environmental Science/Studies, Geography, History, Indigenous Studies, International Development Studies and Political Studies
  • research opportunities in several disciplines
  • opportunities for hands-on experience through the Trent Community Research Centre
  • a community of students interested in agriculture and food, that operate an on-campus organic café with locally-sourced produce
  • several environmentally and socially-minded clubs and groups, including Sustainable Trent, Kawartha World Issues Centre, OPIRG Peterborough, Amnesty International, Fair Trade Trent, and the Trent Food Issues Group

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