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Ecological Restoration

A group of canada geese swimming in a river surrounded by lilly pads
School of the Environment

Ecological Restoration

Trent University, in collaboration with Fleming College, offers a Joint Degree/Diploma in Ecological Restoration. The Trent-Fleming Ecological Restoration degree/diploma was created in response to growing global recognition of environmental disturbance and the science of remediation. Related to this is the need for a specialized set of skills and knowledge in the environmental sector. As an emerging field of expertise, ecological restoration is learned by direct engagement in the recovery of damaged and degraded ecosystems. The collaboration between Trent and Fleming involves the sharing of faculty, teaching, field study courses, applied projects, and resources over the four years of the program. 

Students spend their first two years at Fleming College's School of Environmental and Natural Resource Sciences in Lindsay, where they build science, planning and communications skills while practising ecological restoration through field courses and project work. Students then attend Trent University in Peterborough for the final two years of the program, where they can choose either to specialize or continue to balance theory and practice in a more broad-based degree program. 

Students graduate at the end of year four with both a college diploma and university degree (BSc Hons) in Ecological Restoration.