Welcome to the Physics & Astronomy Department

Satisfy Your Curiosity

What is temperature? Why do planets orbit the sun? What fundamental particles make up the universe? What are the basic forces in nature? How do these interact to create materials such as superconductors?

If you’re considering studying Physics at Trent, you’re about to find the keys that unlock these questions and more. Trent’s Physics department brings abstract concepts to life. Imagine studying the structure of galaxies, developing new technology in high-speed communications, or contributing to the advancement of medical science. With a Physics degree from Trent these exciting pursuits could become part of your life.

What makes the Trent learning experience so effective?

Personal interaction with faculty, and the latest in teaching methods.

Small-group teaching, professors who care, and leading-edge research into physics now being conducted at Trent, will contribute to your outstanding education.

As faculty learn about effective new techniques, they are incorporated into the program. Aided by web-based technology and highly interactive teaching methods, your understanding of the principles of physics will be second to none. You will thrive in this inclusive environment, and enjoy the superb rapport between undergraduate students, graduate students and faculty.

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