Environmental & Resource Science / Studies

Environmental Impacts and Solutions. Sustainable Use of Natural Resources.

These are the key themes of the Environmental and Resource Studies/Science Degrees at Trent University, offered by the Trent School of the Environment. To address them, people require skills, knowledge of management options, and experience applying them. You will get all these in these degrees. Across many environmental issues- water pollution, climate change, re-vegetation of industrial sites, environmental law and policy, modeling health effects of toxins, community-level natural resource stewardship, renewable energy alternatives - the ERS Degrees offer superb expertise and hands-on experience. They will prepare you for your environmental career.

Information about the Barbados Field Course ERSC-IDST 3230H

If you have a specific interest in the environmental aspects of water- it's quality, quantity, availability and management, you might want to read about the Water Sciences degree at Trent, where students are focused on the biology, chemistry, geography, and environmental aspects of water.