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Get Ready for a Transformative Learning Experience

Academics at Trent University Durham combine the latest learning innovations with in-class connections unheard of in today’s mega-university settings. Our inviting campus setting enables a collaborative model where learning is personal, purposeful and transformative.

Connect and collaborate with faculty, staff and peers in lectures, across disciplines, through hands-on research, co-curricular and community-based activities. Our student-centred approach gives you the comfort level to take intellectual risks.  Try out a new course. Start a community research project. Find your voice and challenge the status quo. 

Bestselling author and advisor to businesses the world over, Trent’s chancellor Don Tapscott says, “At Trent I discovered my deep passions, largely through collaboration with other students.” Don understood early that his ability to collaborate and think critically was the most important skill he could bring to his now thriving global business.

Academic Programs: