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School of Business

School of Business

Marketing & Entrepreneurship

Are you interested in starting your own business, patenting an idea, or working in a corporation or small enterprise? In a world that thrives off of innovation, creative thinking and savvy ideas, this program will help you develop your business acumen and better prepare you for a rewarding career in marketing, sales, product development or brand management. You will explore everything you need to know about the strategic implementation of ideas from the incubation phase to the marketplace. Topics such as entrepreneurship, marketing, branding, and advertising will be covered in order to provide you with the foundational tools to start a business, pursue a passion for research and innovation, or simply to improve marketability to potential employers.

This intensive postgraduate certificate program is open to students who hold an undergraduate degree from any accredited university. Graduates from sciences, social sciences, and the humanities will find the courses particularly engaging should they wish to start their own business, market an innovation, or patent a recent idea or product. The strategic implementation of ideas from the incubation phase to the marketplace is also explored.

The certificate can be taken full-time or part-time and can be completed in as little as eight months.

Admission Requirements: 

To be eligible for this program, you must hold a degree from an accredited university. Students currently enrolled in an undergraduate degree with a planned completion before September are eligible.

Entry Term: September

Location: Available at the Durham Campus or Peterborough Campus

Duration: Available for full or part-time studies

Program Completion Requirements: Completion of 5.0 credits as specified 

To apply to this post-graduate certificate, please complete this application form.


The Certificate program consists of the following 5.0 credits:

  • 1.5 ADMN credits consisting of ADMN 2080H, 2100H, and 3420H
  • 3.5 ADMN credits from ADMN 2010H, 3021H, 3150H, 3160H, 3170H, 3430H, 3441H, 3750H, or 3870H


  • For individual course descriptions, see University Calendar. Please consult the academic timetable, for information on when courses will be scheduled. 
  • Transfer credit, up to a maximum of 1.0 assigned credit, may be awarded for the certificate. The courses for transfer credit may be from Trent or another accredited university provided a minimum grade of 60% has been achieved.

The following 3 courses are required (1.5 credits):

  • ADMN 2080H: Managerial and Market Research
  • ADMN 2100H: Intro to Marketing
  • ADMN 3420H: Entrepreneurship

An additional 3.5 credits can be taken from the following: 

  • ADMN 2010H: Management Skills
  • ADMN 3021H: Fundamentals of Management Accounting
  • ADMN 3150H: Advertising
  • ADMN 3160H: Branding
  • ADMN 3170H: Introduction to Retail Marketing
  • ADMN 3430H: New Venture Planning and Design
  • ADMN 3441H: Social Enterprise and Social Innovation
  • ADMN-COIS 3750H: Online Marketing
  • ADMN 3870H: Internship Level 1 - Optional Course with application required > for more information, see Internship Webpage

Timetabling the Courses

In Peterborough, we suggest that you take ADMN 2080H (required course), 2100H (required course), and 2010H (optional course) in the fall term.  Additionally, ADMN 3420H (required course) is normally only available in the fall term.  ADMN 3170H, 3430H and 3441H are normally only available in the winter term. If you have questions, please consult with an academic advisor. If taking ADMN 3870H it is recommended as a Winter term option. 

Please view the Trent Durham site for fall and winter courses at Trent Durham.