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Human Resource Management

Portarit of Trent University Business Adiminstration student Marissa Vipod sitting in the atriumThe postgraduate certificate in Human Resource Management is for students seeking professional development in HRM in preparation for the pursuit of a career that involves the management of people. In this age of globalization and innovation, the ability to acquire, develop, and motivate talented people is the number one challenge for organizations. The postgraduate certificate in Human Resource Management is designed for those students who wish to learn how HRM contributes positively to both organizations and the people who work for them.

This is a specialized program ideally-suited to new graduates of both honours and general degrees who wish to gain a more applied understanding of how to organize and lead people in today’s organizations. Alternately, this program is suited to working professionals wishing to further develop their understanding of human resource management. For professionals who have entered the field of human resources without formal training, or those wishing to enter the profession, this program provides a university-level focus on HRM, encouraging students to understand and question the evolving nature of how companies organize and lead people. Develop new talent. Lead organizational change. Become a Human Resource Management Professional.  Working at the heart of business and the public sector, HR professionals build talented teams that lead great organizations.

The certificate can be taken full-time or part-time and can be completed in as little as eight months. 


To be eligible for this program, you must hold a degree from an accredited university.  Students currently enrolled in an undergraduate degree with a planned completion before September are eligible.

Entry Term:  September

Location:  Available at the Trent Peterborough or Durham Campus

Duration: Available for full or part-time studies

Program Completion Requirements: Completion of 5.5 credits as specified

To apply to this post-graduate certificate, please complete this application form.


While studying Human Resource Management (HRM) at Trent University, students will consider not just what organizations do, but what human resources should do, and why. It is an experience where we seek to develop the HR thinkers of the future, helping to lead the organizations of the future. The program approaches the topic of Human Resource Management - understanding how to attract and manage employees in today’s organizations - from a balanced perspective, balancing the needs of both employers and employees.


The Certificate consists of 5.5 credits. The program includes 11 half-year courses of ADMN 1021H, 2021H, 2220H, 2230H, 3021H, 3220H, 3230H, 3260H, 3270H, and 3280H and ECON 3500H.  

Upon successful completion of the courses associated with the Certificate, students will have satisfied all of the course requirements for the “Certified Human Resources Professional Designation™.” Students who pass all courses will receive the Certificate, but should note the standards required by the HRPA. 

The “Certified Human Resources Professional Designation” is the only legislated certification for Human Resources Professionals in North America. Currently, the HRPA requires the completion of nine subject areas, which are all offered at Trent. CHRP, NKE, and NPPA are trademarks of HRPA and used under license. Licensing does not equate to program review, approval, or endorsement.

To be eligible to write the HRPA’s comprehensive National Knowledge Exam™, students must achieve a cumulative average of 70% in all courses, with no individual course mark less than 65%. In order to take the exam, a student must be an enrolled member of the Human Resources Professionals Association of Ontario, which involves a monetary fee to the Association.


  • For individual course descriptions, see University Calendar.  Please consult the academic timetable for information on when courses will be scheduled. 
  • Transfer credit, up to a maximum of 0.5 assigned credit, may be awarded for the certificate. The courses for transfer credit may be from Trent or another accredited university provided a minimum grade of 65% has been achieved.

Timetabling the Courses

Fall Semester Course Requirements (Peterborough Campus):

  • ADMN 1021H: Financial Accounting I
  • ADMN 2220H: Organizational Behaviour
  • ADMN 2230H: Human Resource Management
  • ADMN 3220H: Organizational Selection in the Canadian Workplace
  • ADMN 3230H: Leadership, Training, and Development: A Cross-Cultural Approach

Winter Semester Course Requirements (Peterborough Campus):

  • ADMN 2021H: Financial Accounting II
  • ADMN 3021H: Fundamentals of Managerial Accounting
  • ADMN 3260H: Perspectives on Occupational Health and Safety
  • ADMN 3270H: Human Resource Planning
  • ADMN 3280H: Motivation and Compensation Systems
  • ECON 3500H – Economics of industrial relations

Please view the Durham courses for Fall 2018 and Winter 2019 on the Trent Durham campus site.