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6 Students in business suits smiling at the camea standing on the Faryon bridge in the sunlight

School of Business

School of Business

Bachelor of Business Administration (B.B.A.)

Major in Business Administration

As you proceed through the B.B.A. Program, it is important that you select your courses so that you will be able to complete the degree requirements (see below). Please refer to the current University Calendar for further information on degree requirements and relevant information about courses as it is the students' responsibility for ensuring the completion of degree requirements. Please note that a cumulative average of 65.0% in all courses is necessary to graduate with a B.B.A. degree.

Although it is preferable to complete the courses in the sequence outlined, you may choose to complete the required courses out of order, provided that all courses are completed and prerequisites are met.

In addition to the Notes under the Business Administration Program, you must have the following university requirements:

  1. No more than seven one-hundred level credits
  2. At least seven credits at the three-hundred (or equivalent) and/or four-hundred level
  3. No more than one credit with 'D' standing in required (non-elective) courses
  4. At least three credits leading to majors in different disciplines
  5. Any course that is counted toward a specialization must have a minimum grade of 65%

Required Courses:


  • ADMN 1000h Contemporary Issues in Management
  • ADMN 1021h Financial Accounting I
  • ECON 1010h Microeconomics
  • ECON 1020h Macroeconomics
  • 3.0 elective credits - your choice from any discipline


  • ADMN 2010h Management Skills
  • ADMN 2021h Financial Accounting II
  • ADMN 2100h Marketing
  • ADMN 2220h Organizational Behaviour
  • ADMN 2510h Organization Theory
  • ECON 2200h Statistics for Economics
  • ECON 2250h Mathematics for Economics
  • 1.5 elective credits - from any discipline, including Business


  • ADMN 3021h Managerial Accounting
  • ADMN 3200h Financial Management
  • ADMN 3300h Personal Ethics in Organizations and Business
  • ADMN 3400h Markets, Governments, and Organizations
  • 3.0 ADMN 3000/4000 level credits


  • ADMN 4030h Strategic Management
  • •ADMN 4101h Thinking About Management
  • 4.0 elective credits - from any discipline, including Bus. Adm.