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Provost & VP Academic

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Provost & VP Academic

For Students

Academic Integrity Guidelines

Undergraduate Students

Make sure you read Trent’s Undergraduate Academic Integrity Policy and Examination Regulations

To help you understand the policy and the procedures that will be followed if you are ever accused of academic dishonesty, check out these Frequently Asked Questions.

Review the Academic Integrity Steps at a Glance (PDF) – print a copy and keep it handy. 

If after reading the policy and FAQs you still have questions about the Undergraduate Academic Integrity Policy, please contact Anna Lightfoot in the Office of the Provost & VP Academic.

Graduate Students

Make sure you read Trent’s Graduate Academic Integrity Policy. For questions about the Graduate policy, please contact the School of Graduate Studies.


The Academic Skills Centre at Trent offers many useful resources to help you understand what academic dishonesty is and how to avoid it:

  • Avoiding Plagiarism provides several techniques to help you avoid plagiarism when writing papers.
  • “Putting it in Your Own Words” is an excellent resource that explains how to summarize and paraphrase sources without plagiarizing.
  • The Online Documentation Guide provides answers to the question of what to cite and how to cite it. It provides Trent-specific information about how to reference sources in all of the major documentation styles as well as how to format papers according to different style guides.
  • The Academic Integrity Module is a Blackboard course that provides a comprehensive overview of Trent’s Academic Integrity Policy and how to avoid plagiarism and cheating. Many professors require students in their courses to complete the module before they hand in an assignment. Students are also able to self-enrol in the Academic Integrity Module and make use of its resources. For information about how to self-enrol in the Academic Integrity Module, please contact aimodule@trentu.ca.
  • The Academic Skills Centre offers free, confidential, one-on-one appointments during which you can discuss any questions or concerns you might have about how to avoid plagiarism or cheating or would like. Book an appointment online at trentu.ca/sep.