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Academic Skills

A student receiving help from academic skill instructor

Academic Skills


Academic Skills instructors meet with students in-person and online to discuss study skills and organization, clear and critical writing, and essential math skills.

How can an academic skills instructor help me?

Our instructors will meet with you in-person to discuss any aspect of your academic work or offer you feedback on written work via email. We support students with:

Writing Skills

  • Essay writing 
    • bring in a draft of a work in progress and we will provide detailed commentary on your essay, teaching you how to become an independent editor of your own work and indicating your strengths and weaknesses
  • Essay topics
    • bring in essay topics to discuss narrowing the topic, finding a thesis, and establishing a direction for research or discussion
  • Lab writing 
    • bring a work in progress and we will discuss strategies for organization, independent editing and research and analysis

Study Skills

  • Time management and study skills
  • Critical reading and thinking
  • Preparation and practice for presentations
  • Exam and test preparation

Math Skills

  • Math skills for Calculus, Algebra, Probability and Statistics
  • Math support for students in other disciplines such as Physics, Education, Environmental Science, Chemistry, Geography

Instruction for Grad Students

  • Organization, reading, and writing skills for graduate students

How can I meet with an academic skills instructor?

In-Person Appointments

  • 45-minute one-on-one appointments for writing skills or study skills instruction, Monday to Friday in the college offices. These appointments are booked in advance using the online booking system or at the college office.

Online Appointments

  • Submit a working draft of your paper for an online appointment, available Monday to Friday. An instructor will review parts of your work, consider your questions, and offer you feedback via email. These appointments are booked in advance. You can book your online appointment before you complete your draft; just email an updated file to the instructor before 9am on the day of your appointment.

Math Skills Appointments

  • 30-minute appointments for math instruction, available on Thursdays in-person in GC 214 (Gzowski College Office). Book a math appointment using the online booking system.

Online Math Skills Appointments

Drop-In Sessions

Not able to get an appointment? Have a quick question on writing or studying? 30-minute drop-in slots are available Monday to Thursday during the academic year in Peterborough.

Sign up for drop-in at the college office for the assigned day only. Sign up begins at 12:55pm or when the college office opens following lunch.

Drop-In schedule - RESUMES MONDAY, SEPTEMBER 16, 2019

Mondays 1-4pm - Gzowski College

Tuesdays 1-4pm - Otonabee College AND Traill College

Wednesdays 1-4pm - Champlain College

Thursdays 1-4pm - Lady Eaton College

Personal Information Collection Notice

Academic Skills collects personal information in order to provide quality service and monitor/ evaluate our services. If you have questions, please contact Academic Skills.