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Provost & VP Academic

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Provost & VP Academic

VP Academic Position Profile

The Provost & Vice President Academic is responsible for the planning, development, administration, and integrity of the academic affairs of the University. Reporting to the President, the Provost holds primary responsibility for developing and implementing integrated planning initiatives and a multi-year budget framework that supports the priorities and strategic directions of Trent University. The Provost is responsible for the overall supervision of the University’s academic programs, joint programs with partner institutions, and the development of academic policy.  

The Provost & Vice President Academic is the Chief Academic Officer of the University, providing leadership within the university community: revitalizing the academic core by defining academic priorities and implementing them; revitalizing faculty and the student body by guarding academic standards and freedom; and serving as an advocate for academic integrity and excellence in communications with government, the public, and the Board of Governors.

The Provost & Vice President Academic oversees the administration of undergraduate and graduate academic programs, actively encouraging excellence in teaching, scholarship, and research. The Vice President is a leader in maintaining criteria and mechanisms for periodic reviews of undergraduate and graduate academic programs, annual performance reviews of Deans, Associate Vice President, and the University Librarian.  As Chair of the Provost’s Planning Group (PPG), the Provost & Vice President Academic leads an effective management vehicle for academic, budgetary, and administrative decision-making. 

The Provost & Vice President Academic is accountable for the development of successful outcomes of the University’s Integrated Plan through the Associate Vice President, Deans, Associate Deans, the University Librarian, Colleges and in consultation with the University Registrar and Institutional Research and Planning Office.  Devising and implementing the University’s integrated planning and budgeting processes is accomplished by: ensuring strategic and operational plans are in place for all departments and programs; monitoring and supporting best practices; monitoring performance indicators; and promoting positive relations internally (particularly through strong relationships and partnerships with academic units, faculty, and students) and externally (with various levels of government and the community).

Specific responsibilities of the Provost & Vice President Academic are:

(a) to provide leadership and coordination to ensure excellence in academic programs and to assist and expedite the academic functioning of the institution in both the short and long term  

(b) to be sensitive to and address issues, ideas, and problems related to the academic functions of the institution to ensure the academic quality and welfare of the University is maintained and enhanced

(c) to ensure the effective and efficient administration of the academic interests and activities of the University, including the appointment of highly qualified individuals to serve as Associate Vice President, Deans, and Associate Deans 

(d) to work with the Vice President Administration to plan, implement and monitor short and long term budget strategies

(e) to work with the University’s Vice Presidents to ensure achievement of mutual goals

(f) to serve as an ex-officio member of the Senate and such committees of the Senate as the Senate may determine

(g) to provide accurate, timely and comprehensive information and guidance on all pertinent matters within his or her jurisdiction to the President, the Senate, the Board of Governors and their associated committees

(h) to contribute to the overall effectiveness of the University through contact with and/or participation in various levels of government and educational councils of the province and other pertinent bodies in the field of higher education

The Provost & Vice President Academic may delegate duties and functions but remains responsible for such delegations.