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Chanie Wenjack School

First Peoples House of Learning in the moonlight and Otonabee river
for Indigenous Studies

Chanie Wenjack School

Indigenous Course Requirement (ICR)


In March 2017, the Senate of Trent University approved the Special Committee on Indigenous Education Report that recommended the creation of a requirement for all undergraduate students to have a foundational understanding of the history, traditions, cultures, and knowledge of Indigenous peoples.  This recommendation would be implemented through the addition of a degree requirement that all undergraduate students must successfully complete at least 0.5 credits at the 1000 level or beyond from an approved list of courses with Indigenous content.  This university-wide requirement would ensure that the institution remains a leader in this area and works toward the calls to action outlined in the Truth and Reconciliation Commission report. 

In February 2018, Senate approved the introduction of a new university degree regulation requiring all undergraduate students beginning studies at Trent in fall 2018 or thereafter complete at least one course with approved Indigenous content. This new academic regulation implements the recommendation from the Special Committee on Indigenous Education Report approved by Senate in March 2017. 

Please review the Special Committee on Indigenous Education Report for further background. ​