Peer Support Programs

Trent students have a proud history of students helping students.  Peer support programs provide students such as yourself with connections to resources, services and supports on campus to help you during your time at Trent University. There are a variety of peer support programs that are tailored to different student needs.

FPHL Tutoring: The First Peoples House of Learning provides tutoring to Indigenous students as well as students in Indigenous studies.

Ishkodehwin Peer Mentoring Program: Offered at the First Peoples House of Learning. Through peer assistance, advice and guidance, students are able to find lifelong growth and success both academically and personally. 

Out on Campus: Weekly confidential group discussions for Trent LGBTQ+ students questioning their sexuality, gender identity or are in the process of coming out.  This group is led by two students who have been through the coming out process.  Email to find out when and where they meet.

Peer Support Program: A free, non-judgemental, confidential space for students to receive support from their peers.

Rebound: Help for first or second year students wanting to start University off on the right foot.

Student Health Promoter Program: Is a program to inspire the Trent community to integrate health and wellness into both their culture and lifestyle through student-driven, peer-to-peer outreach.

Study Abroad Peer Mentoring: Provides an opportunity for both incoming exchange students as well as returning Trent students to get experience in an office environment.  Upon completion of your volunteer time you would get a letter of reference from our Study Abroad advisor and you can add your volunteer time to your Co-curricular Record. Contact for more details.

Tutor Posting Board: A centralized online listing of tutors-for-hire and free departmental supports.