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Student chatting with on another in Champlain garden in a fall day

Spiritual Affairs

Multi-Faith Resources for Students at Trent University


What is Trent University Spiritual Affairs? 

Trent University Spiritual Affairs provides support to students from all faith traditions, as well as students who are considering questions of meaning, purpose and identity. Our multi-faith model embraces all religious and spiritual groups on campus, with the aim of fostering mutual respect and understanding among students. 

Trent offers the following resources for students: 

Directory of Community Faith Groups - a listing of faith communities in Peterborough and surrounding area. 

Multi-Faith Network - information about our volunteer Chaplains and Community Liaisons, who are available to meet with and support students. 

Multi-Faith Room  - information about our dedicated space on campus. 

Start a Faith-Based Student Group  - resources for those who would like to start a faith-based club. 


Questions can be directed to Johanna Hart, Spiritual Affairs Coordinator.