Work & Lead

Getting involved or working on campus can greatly contribute to your student success. Building a strong connection to the campus community, through working or through co-curricular involvement, helps you develop a strong and supportive network, increases your understanding of how the university works, and helps with time management. Working on or off campus can also help financially as well as build valuable skills and experience.

Trent also has a very wide range of student leadership opportunities through our student associations, college cabinets, clubs and groups, and athletics. Student leaders are involved in campus decision-making, providing advocacy and services for fellow students, and developing new projects and programs to support students.

Student groups put on a large number of community events each year, and information about how to plan events is included in this section, including risk management steps to ensure your event is run safely.

There are many opportunities on campus and in the Peterborough community for you to work, volunteer, or lead as a student. This section includes links to the campus job board (on and off campus job opportunities), volunteer listings in the Opportunity Directory, the Co-curricular Record, and information about careers, training, peer support, clubs and groups, and experiential learning.