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two students with their backs facing the camera wearing "Walk Home" vests.



Peterborough Campus

Trent Walkhome is a student volunteer-based program that provides a safe alternative to walking alone at night. The Walkhome program is designed to walk students, faculty and staff members both on the Symons Campus and downtown at Traill and Champlain College Annex.

With the support of numerous volunteers, Walkhome operates during the September-April school year (except for holidays and Reading Breaks).

Volunteers are recruited amongst the undergraduate and graduate student body and have completed a screening process and training program in order to provide a high standard of service.

Volunteer applications can be completed at: 

MyTrent -> Support -> Walkhome Volunteer Application or dropped off at CC 306.


Durham Campus

Contact the Guard at 905-435-5111 to arrange an on-campus walk.