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Current Students

Trent university chemistry student working in the lab


There are many resources available to help you with your academic journey at Trent. There are certain factors that contribute to student academic success, and we’re here to help you develop them.


Do you have strategies for identifying if things have gone wrong, and what to do in the future? Resiliency doesn’t address systemic issues such as racism or poverty, but it does help individuals to bounce back from adverse circumstances. If you are struggling with academic or personal issues, Academic Advising, the Rebound program, or the Wellness Centre could be helpful resources.


Do you have clear academic and life goals? This can be related to your academic program and course choices, to your career aspirations, and to what you want to do in life more broadly. Being able to articulate your goals helps with choosing academic and extra-curricular activities. The resources in this section, as well as those in Student Support and Work/Lead/Volunteer, can all provide more information about goal-setting and involvement.

Help-seeking Behaviour

Identifying that you need help early, and seeking support, is crucially important – not waiting until things get out of hand or become a crisis. We have a range of peer support programs (in academics and in student support) and sometimes just speaking with a trained student supporter can help point you in the right direction.


Think about some strengths you have. How can you leverage them to be successful as a student? For one student it might be time management, and you’ll find it easy to be organized around studying and deadlines. For another student it might be the confidence to ask questions, and you’ll be able to communicate well with faculty and staff. Knowing what areas you are strong in, and what things to work on, can help identify strategies for success.


How much experience do you have in coping for yourself and problem-solving? Having confidence in your ability to take responsibility and to manage the different aspects of your academics and personal life can help a great deal.