Tutor Board

The Tutor Posting Board offers a centralized online listing of tutors-for-hire and free departmental supports.  Tutors can submit information for posting and students seeking tutors can search these listings.

Please note that Trent University or Academic Skills does not vet tutors in any way or check any tutor's academic, disciplinary, or criminal records. It is the responsibility of the student to ask about academic and tutoring experience, to check the tutor’s references, and to negotiate an appropriate rate of pay for tutoring.

What is tutoring?

Tutoring is regular or intensive instruction and review aimed at improving academic performance for a paying client. Tutors should be prepared for this work by holding a strong academic record and having some tutoring experience. Together, the tutor and client should determine meeting times and frequency, rate of pay, and instructional content. Experienced tutors can ask more in pay, and smart clients should be sure to be clear about the type of help they need.

Tutor Posting Board Terms of Use

Academic Skills and Trent University are not liable for:

  • the quality of instruction or any change to the client’s academic performance.
  • breach of the Trent University Undergraduate Academic Integrity Policy; both clients and tutors should be familiar with the academic regulations set out by this policy.
  • the safety and well-being of tutors or their clients; all participants should agree to meet in a safe, public location for tutoring sessions.
  • the receipt of payment from the client; both tutor and client should agree on rate of pay prior to the first meeting.

Academic Skills reserves the right to remove or refuse to post names of tutors at its discretion.

Looking for a Tutor?

Note that by accessing the tutor posting board, you are acknowledging and agreeing to the Tutor Posting Board Terms of Use.

Want to Be a Tutor?

You must acknowledge and agree to the Tutor Posting Board Terms of Use. Please complete this online form. Note that information will only be posted for individuals with a Trent email account who offer tutoring for content in a particular course or discipline.

If you would like to be removed from the listing, please email us.