Catharine Parr Traill College

Come and visit Catharine Parr Traill College!

For over 50 years, Traill has offered Trent University students a welcoming space to study, or relax, in the university college tradition. Named after nineteenth-century author and naturalist Catharine Parr Traill, the College has forged a unique identity as Trent’s downtown location. Its alumni are fiercely loyal and include prominent politicians, screenwriters, professors, teachers, scientists and a Nobel prize laureate.  It is a place for students of all ages and interests.

Traill Wow!

When visiting Traill, one thing comes to mind: “wow!” Traill is a student oasis situated five minutes away from the centre of Peterborough. It feels like a small university within the larger university and that’s the point. Traill students may lose themselves in their books, but they will never be lost in the crowd! Traill has great spaces, including modern residences, lecture halls and study nooks, a vibrant restaurant, and a traditional college library. However, most importantly, Traill has great people who look out for each other, learn together, and have a lot of fun at the same time.

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