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Otonabee College

Established in 1972, Otonabee College (OC) is located on the East Bank overlooking the river for which it is named. In Ojibwe, Otonabee means "river that beats like a heart" which symbolizes the way this college looks to the horizon, and imagines how we can keep up with change in our fast-paced lives while honouring our hearts.

Our motto also reflects the meaning of Otonabee in, tempora mutantur nos et mutamur in illis (the times are changing and we change with them). Like the Otonabee river, our community is ever-changing and unrelenting. You can't stop this beating heart, this melody of voices creating waves of change.

We are nestled in between the Science Complex and DNA/Life Health Sciences Building which strengthens our connection to the sciences. In and around Otonabee College you will find academic departments such as Computing and Information Systems, Sociology, the School of Education & Professional Learning, Environmental Resource Science, Geography, BiologyAnthropology, Forensic Science, Psychology and the School of Nursing.

College events such as Wildside and the College Weekend are located both on and off campus, convenient for students of all years to have fun and show your OC spirit - there is something for everyone throughout the year. Come relax or study with your fellow OC students in the OC Commons, our central student space located near the Wenjack Theatre and/or the newly renovated Dining Hall with Tim Horton's and Subway.

OC is the home of the Nursing Living Learning Community and the Forensics Living Learning Community (LLC). Members of the Nursing LLC will share passion for Nursing and show great interest in exploring Nursing in depth by connecting with peers and faculty and participating in community outreach initiatives.Members of the Nursing LLC will have the opportunity to create their own activities and events and together, develop the Nursing LLC Legacy Project which will be passed on to members of the Nursing LLC in the years the follow. The Forensic Science community is designed for students in the Forensic Science & Forensics Joint Major programs.  This LLC provides an opportunity to connect and participate in forensic-related experiences and connect with faculty and peers who share a passion for forensic science. 

Visit the College Office in OCA W102, just down the hall from Wenjack Theatre.