Otonabee College

Welcome to Otonabee College, a community that offers a transformational learning experiences that embrace multi-disciplinary collaborations. It is our nature to innovate and, by respecting our diverse yet connected perspectives, we can effect change for a better world. 

Established in 1972, Otonabee College (OC) is a vibrant and energetic community located on the East Bank of the Symons Campus, overlooking the river for which it is named. In Ojibwe, Odenabe, or Otonabee, means "river that beats like a heart" which symbolizes the way this College looks to the horizon, and imagines how we can keep up with change in our fast-paced lives, while honouring our hearts. We honour this steady beat of the river and its impact on surrounding life with our vision for developing a sense of belonging, service, and innovation for the Trent community.

Otonabee College Crest

Proud to be Trent’s largest college, OC represents a diverse group of learners. Home to the Departments of Anthropology, Computing and Information SystemsForensic Science, Psychology, Sociology, as well as the School of Education and the Trent-Fleming School of Nursing, Otonabee College members are learners, researchers, and practitioners. This vibrant academic and collegiate community embraces a multi-disciplinary approach to programming, which empowers the Otonabee community in active learning, knowledge mobilization, and service-leadership. Our motto, tempora mutantur nos et mutamur in illis (the times are changing and we change with them), reflects how the community is adaptable and impactful, like its namesake river.