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A panoramic view of Lady Eaton College


Lady Eaton College

Lady Eaton College is the second oldest college on the Symons Campus of Trent University.  It was established in 1968 and is named in honour of Flora McCrea Eaton, who helped support the university during its founding.  For many years, Lady Eaton has been a home-away-from-home for thousands of Trent graduates.

Lady Eaton College is a place to meet new friends and grow as a student.  However, the college is much more than residence.  It is the centre of college life for all members who live both on and off campus. At the college you will find the offices of the College Head, Academic Advisor and Academic Skills Instructor who are there to help you on your path to success.  Nearby, you will also find the office of the College Cabinet where hardworking students volunteer to make your college experience as enjoyable as possible.  If you are inspired by them, you too can get involved in the student government and make a difference to those around you.

The ground floors of the residence wings contain faculty and departmental offices, and the commons block has a large dining hall, classrooms, and student and faculty lounges (called Common Rooms).  The Junior Common Room and the Pit are great student lounges where students will find lots of space to relax or study together. 

The college offers much to enhance your student experience.  It is situated against a drumlin, a massive hill formed by glacial ice thousands of years ago.  Over the years, the drumlin has been a popular place for students to relax and explore its wooded trails. 

Feeling artistic?  Lady Eaton has had a long tradition of featuring art exhibitions and hosting student photo competitions.  It is also known as the “music college” and offers several practice rooms that include pianos and a set of drums.  Students are encouraged to bring their instruments to entertainment themselves and their friends.