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Microphone being held with orange square collar on it


Media Studies

Earn credit for doing as well as thinking, gaining hands-on experience by fabricating 3D-printed objects, bending circuits, shooting on 16mm film, creating fake social media profiles, and more.

Media shape our view of the world and orient us in it. You can best navigate this environment by marrying theory and practice. In Media Studies, you’ll examine the influence of advertising and ideology, the political economy of media corporations, and the principles of multimedia design. You’ll also benefit from our interdisciplinary curriculum, learning across subjects from the humanities to the sciences.

Accelerated Master's Degree

Earn your Master's degree in Theory, Culture & Politics within one year of graduation from your B.A.

Degree Type

  • B.A. (Honours)

The Trent Advantage

  • Chart your own path taking courses from a dozen contributing departments including Anthropology, Cultural Studies, Computing Systems, and Political Studies
  • Take workshop, internship, and community-based research courses with professors and media professionals
  • Create a portfolio of your work with media new and old: write zines, compose music, code videogames, report the news, program radio shows, and more


Popular Courses

Career Paths

  • Internet, TV, and Radio Production Manager
  • Media Executive
  • App Developer
  • Media Consultant
  • Journalist
  • Advertising and Marketing Executive

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