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Trent ESL - English for University

International students standing in front of flags at Convocation

Trent ESL - English for University

Trent-ESL - English for University

Trent-ESL is an English for Academic Purposes program designed to meet the needs of international students who require English proficiency in order to progress into an academic post-secondary program at Trent University or beyond. The majority of students entering the Trent-ESL program will go on to complete a degree at Trent University at the undergraduate or graduate level. International students from around the world choose to study English at Trent University for its excellent reputation and success rate in seeing students go on to degree studies.

Why So Many Study Academic English at Trent

Trent-ESL students are part of the overall University experience and become part of the community of scholars. A friendly campus community and welcoming downtown make it easy to practice English everywhere you go.

  • Focused curriculum: Academic English for Academic Success.
  • Languages Canada Accredited Member
  • Conditional admission: Study ESL + degree courses at the same time
  • Maximum efficiency: complete ESL in the minimum time in this intensive program
  • Outstanding teaching: qualified, professional, and caring instructors 

Trent- ESL: English for University is a fully accredited member of Languages Canada.