The College System

A Place to Belong: The Colleges at Trent

Tradition and history meet modern and vibrant living & learning spaces

Trent University’s colleges have been at the centre of the student experience for over 50 years. Colleges are more than residences, dining halls and classroom spaces. They are also communities that promote learning, embrace diversity, and foster meaningful connections among students, faculty and staff.

Each college is run by a principal who leads a team of dynamic academic support staff offering personalized assistance for any challenge that you may face. From orientation to convocation, your Trent college will be there to support your educational journey.

Choose the College that's right for you

All Trent students, in all years, whether you live in residence or not, get to choose their college. Trent's five colleges are as unique as you are – each one offers different architectural styles, student spaces, residence room layouts and extracurricular activities.

Spend a little time deciding which college at Trent is right for you. 

Which college will you choose? Go to the Colleges website or the Housing website.