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School of the Environment

Mist on a lake in the morning summer sun

School of the Environment


Academic Programs

The Trent School of the Environment offers a rich learning environment at every level of study. At the undergraduate level, the School boasts a dozen degree programs and more than 100 environment-related courses across multiple disciplines in the arts and sciences. These programs offer a high degree of flexibility in course selection, including options for a year abroad, community research placements, and research/training internships within and outside of the University. The School also benefits from leading environmentally-themed graduate programs and several renowned research centres.

Program Options Across Different Environmental Fields

In the School of the Environment, you have the opportunity to map out the path to your own degree and academic future. Whether it’s by zeroing in on an existing program of study within the School listed below or by designing your own one-of-a-kind degree around your passions and interests, the sky’s the limit when it comes to opportunities for learning.

Trent was the first university in Canada to achieve accreditation from ECO Canada for its environmental program—a national standard for excellence in environmental education. This accreditation means that the skills and knowledge Trent students acquire are relevant to the environmental sector in Canada and attractive to employers.

Leading Environmentally-themed Graduate Programs

Your Program, Your Way

Can’t settle on a single program? Not a problem! Opt for a joint major instead. Not only can you combine programs from within the Trent School of the Environment you can venture outside the School, too. Here are a few examples, just to get you thinking:

  • Environmental Science and Biology
  • Environmental Science and Geography
  • Environmental Science and Psychology
  • Environmental Studies and Business
  • Geography and Economics
  • Sustainable Agriculture and Business
  • Sustainable Agriculture and International Development Studies