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Welcome to the School of Graduate Studies at Trent University.

All Programs are now accepting applications for 2017 admissions.

Trent is a small school with a large reputation for research and scholarship.  With small class sizes, regular interaction with faculty, and an emphasis on research-intensive programming, Trent offers you a unique educational experience: it’s where tradition meets innovation and community meets academic excellence.

As a graduate student, you will be welcomed into a close-knit community that features regular one-on-one work with faculty and advisors, a collaborative, interdisciplinary approach to studies, and a rich cultural atmosphere in which to live and learn.

Located in Peterborough’s downtown core, Catharine Parr Traill College, Trent’s centre for Graduate Studies, blends architectural heritage and a rich collegiate tradition with access to shopping, restaurants, and an active and diverse arts scene.  Traill will offer you a home base to explore both Trent and Peterborough.

Set against the backdrop of the renowned Kawartha Lakes region, Peterborough offers you the best of two worlds: life in a vibrant city nestled within a world-renowned destination for outdoor adventure. 

Trent is a progressive university with a national and international reputation for innovation. Your instructors will be amongst the best minds in education and research today, and, as a graduate student, you’ll play a key part in their research excellence. 

We welcome you to explore the programs and possibilities that Trent has to offer.  Your future is just a click away.