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Finances are an important part of an international student's journey in Canada! This often includes learning how to budget, maneuvering systems for transferring money outside of your home country, getting a job, and more. Trent International is here to help you through the process and support you in any way we can. 

You can learn more about working in Canada and funding options available to you in different sections of this website.

Financial Services Information

Some students might have difficulty getting money to Trent from their home country because of certain regulations, Trent International can prepare a letter for your bank at home that outlines the fees that are due and how to make a payment. You can request this letter at myTrent>Academics>International>International Undergraduate Letter Request.

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International students have several large expenses that make budgeting very important. Using a budget in your everyday life is a good habit to help you attain your goals and minimize your stress.

There are several tools online that will help make budgeting easier and which can connect to an online banking account. The important part of budgeting is to ensure that you are being realistic with your expenses, do not underestimate regular expenses.

If you would like help creating a realistic budget, please book an appointment with the International Student Advisor.

Estimated Average Budget for an Academic Year for International Students

These costs represent an eight-month budget. Your costs may differ depending on personal lifestyle, room choices, travel home, cell phone, new or used books, etc.

Living On Campus:

Cost Amount
Tuition (Undergraduate) $19,000
Ancillary Fees $2,500
Books & Supplies $500 - 1,500
*Residence Room & Board $7,000 - 12,000
Personal $2,000
Total $31,000 - 37,000

* Includes residence dining plan

Living Off Campus:

Cost Amount
Tuition (Undergraduate) $19,000
Ancillary Fees $2,500
Books & Supplies $500 - 1,500
**Off-campus Housing $6,000 - 9,000
Personal $2,000
Total $30,000 - 34,000

**Estimate based on eight months of rent (shared occupancy, utilities, laundry and groceries)

Alternative Resources

If you are struggling to make ends meet between all of your expenses, these alternate resources might be helpful to you. You are also able to book an appointment with the International Student Advisor to create a budget.