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Student Wellness Centre

Student having blood pressure taken by nurse

Student Wellness Centre

International Students

Do you need an interpreter or help accessing Health Services? Contact the TIP office at 705-748-1314

Upon your first appointment with Trent Health Services we will have you complete the following forms. If you have any questions our front desk staff will be more than happy to answer them for you. 

For both Sunlife (UHIP) and Cigna insured students:

Confidentiality Agreement 

Governing Law Agreement


For Cigna insured students:

CIGNA claim form


For Sunlife (UHIP) insured students:

UHIP Claim Authorization Form 

UHIP Claim Form pg1 and UHIP Claim Form pg2

If you are going for a test (such as lab work), treatment, or an appointment with another health care provider, you will need to print out the UHIP Claim Form (pages 1 & 2) listed above to bring with you to your appointment for billing purposes.

We keep these claim forms on hand in our office and will provide you with one as you leave the office if a doctor has ordered a test for you that needs to be completed elsewhere.