The Ontario Student Assistance Program, or OSAP, is a financial aid program that can help you pay for your education at Trent University. OSAP offers two types of funding; grants (money you don’t have to pay back) and loans (money that you need to repay when you finish school). When you apply for OSAP you are automatically considered for both grants and loans but if you would like to receive only the grant funding you can choose that option after submitting your application. For more information, including a quick estimate, or to apply, visit OSAP.

Watch the video below for step by step instructions on how to apply for OSAP.

Eligibility for OSAP

​You may apply for full time or part time OSAP, depending on your course load.  The following is OSAP’s definition of full time and part time, which may be different from Trent University definitions. 

Full Time:
To be eligible for full time OSAP funding, you must be registered in a minimum of 1.5 credits each term (Fall/Winter, no averaging course loads).

Part Time:
If you are registered in a maximum of 1.0 credits per semester, you can apply for part time OSAP funding.

Students with a Permanent Disability:
If you are registered with OSAP as a student with a permanent disability, you are eligible for full time funding at 1.0 credits per term (instead of 1.5). 

If your course load changes, please submit an OSAP Change Form through myTrent.

Forms and Information

Listed here are the most common OSAP forms and requests for review.  If you are looking for a specific form that is not listed here, please look to the OSAP website at ontario.ca/OSAP or contact our office.