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Academic Skills

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Academic Skills

Academic Skills Online Resources Index

Browse the contents of these sections and find short guides on

How to Write in University

How to Approach Any Assignment

Planning your Assignment

Developing an Argument

Writing Introductions, Conclusions, and Body Paragraphs

How to Edit your Writing

Strategies for Revision and Proofreading

Grammar and Style

How to Use Sources

The Research Process

Avoiding Plagiarism

Documentation Guide

Science and Math Resources

Science Resources

Math Resources

  • Math Basics
    • Formula for Success – Math Review and Foundations
    • Math for ERSC
    • Lines, Conics, Limits, and Derivatives
  • Statistics Basics
    • Statistics for PSYC

Study Skills

Reading Strategies

Listening and Notetaking Strategies

Exam Preparation and Writing

Transition to University

Time management

Effective Time Management Strategies

  • Time Management 101: Strategies for long-term and short-term planning, creating productive routines, and avoiding plagiarism. Instruction on using tools, including the 4-month calendar, 24/7 schedule, and assignment analysis form.

Time Management Tools

Planning an Assignment