Letter of Permission

Trent University students may study at another accredited university on a Letter of Permission (LOP).  An LOP allows students in a degree program at Trent to take courses at another university for credit towards their Trent degree. Approval is required for each course that the student plans to take.  Students from another university can also take credits at Trent on an LOP.

Trent Student Visiting Another Canadian University

If you wish to obtain an LOP you can do so by logging into myTrent. The application is found under Academics > Forms.


  • Completed a minimum of 3.0 Trent credits.
  • Cumulative average of at least 60%.
  • Academic Status of Good Standing.
  • Course must not put you in Course Overload for the term.


  • A maximum of 5.0 credits can be completed on an LOP.
  • At least 10.0 (Honours degree) and 7.5 (General degree) credits must be Trent credits to obtain a degree from Trent University.
  • 5.0 of the last 7.0 credits of a degree must be completed at Trent University.
  • Nursing students must first receive approval from the School of Nursing before obtaining an LOP.

Review the Letter of Permission Guide for full details about applying for an LOP. Before applying, browse Trent's approved course equivalencies from other Canadian institutions by using the Browse LOP Equivalencies function in myTrent under Academics.  If you would like to obtain an LOP you can do so by completing the LOP application form in myTrent under Academics. If the course you intend to take is not in the database, you will be required to provide a course syllabus with your application.

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Canadian University Student Visiting Trent

Trent University welcomes visiting students wishing to study on an LOP. To do so, please obtain an LOP from your home institution and then apply to Trent as a Letter of Permission Student.  You must select the Create Account option.

To view the courses offered at Trent University, please review the Academic Timetable.  Once you have completed your application and have been admitted, follow the registration instructions that are sent to you.

International Letter of Permission

  • For International Letters of Permission during the Fall/Winter term (September to April), please visit Trent University Study Abroad Application.
  • For International Letters of Permission during the Summer term (May to August), please use the LOP application form in myTrent under Academics.

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