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Trent University – Student Strike Relief Fund

Trent University is committed to supporting our students that were affected by the Ontario Colleges faculty strike. To help with additional costs and expenses we have established the Student Strike Relief Fund.

The Student Strike Relief Fund is designed to help students who have incurred – or may incur - unexpected costs due to strike related reasons. Students with unexpected costs can apply to the fund for up to $500 in funding support beginning Friday, December 1, 2017.

Who Can Apply?

All domestic and international students that remain enrolled in courses that were impacted by the Ontario Colleges faculty strike are eligible to apply. Students who withdraw from courses and receive a refund are not eligible.

How can I apply?

The Student Strike Relief Fund –Funding Request form can be found in the Finances section of the myTrent portal.

Students applying will be asked to indicate the type of expense, an explanation of the expense, and include supporting documentation.

What costs are eligible?

  • Additional Travel Costs (such as the cost to reschedule a flight, train, or bus trip)

  • Additional Living Expenses including food, housing, and transportation (such as an extra month of rent, parking or transit pass to accommodate the Fall term extending into January)

  • Additional Child Care Expenses

  • Other additional expenses incurred due to the Ontario Colleges Faculty Strike

When is the deadline to apply?

The last day of your Fall term.

When will my application be processed?

Applications will be processed and assessed on a weekly basis. Students can expect to receive a decision within 7 business days of their application submission.

When will my funding be available?

Funding will be placed on your student account after a decision is made. If you request a cheque, it will be produced on the Thursday after you receive a decision. The email with your decision will include instructions for requesting a cheque and pickup or mailing options.  

Where can I ask additional questions about the Strike Relief Fund?

Questions about the Strike Relief Fund can be directed to Financial Aid (financialaid@trentu.ca or 705-748-1524).




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