Co-Curricular Record


Welcome to Trent University's Co-Curricular Record!

Recent research on the labour market has highlighted the importance of co-curricular experiences for developing important employability skills. Getting involved on campus - whether it be through student government, athletics, clubs and groups, or campus organizations - can help to develop skills such as:

 - time-management

 - organization

 - communication

 - conflict resolution

 - problem solving

...and more!

Tracking your co-curricular experience on campus is easy with Trent's Co-Curricular Record (CCR) software. The CCR will allow you to search for opportunities on campus, keep track of your involvement, reflect on what you've learned, and print off an official Trent-sanctioned CCR transcript.

You can access the Co-Curricular Record through the MyTrent portal.

Policy - Approved April, 2015

Questions can be directed to:

Johanna Hart

Campus Programs Coordinator

(705) 748 1011 x7229